SteemSQL needs your help!

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I launched SteemSQL in September 2016. Since then, SteemSQL is gaining momentum as more and more people and applications rely on it for their daily work.

Enterprise class service

For more than one year, SteemSQL has been services its users 24x7x365, providing an enterprise class availability of 97.97%

These numbers would have been even better if I hadn’t to shutdown the infrastructure to perform my last planned maintenance

In the above mentioned post, you will see some stats about the load put on SteemSQL’s infrastructure. In short, SteemSQL manage:

  • ~11,000 requests per minute (with peaks up to ~34k reqs/min)
  • ~710,000 lock requests per minute (with peaks up to 4 millions locks/min)

Future roadmap

With the current growth of Steemit (we broke the 1,000,000 transactions per day record few days ago), I will need to rewrite the Database Injector to improve performances.

I also plan to deploy fully redundant steemd Full nodes to ensure fail-over and avoid the database being out of sync from the blockchain when under heavy load, like it happened sometimes recently.

I also plan to allow to deploy redundant database server improve high availability and enable load balancing.

Why does SteemSQL need your help?

Providing such a high quality service is not a no cost. The whole infrastructure ( firewall, database server and steemd node) cost me (i.e. out of my pocket) around $350 per month. On top of this, I have to add the Language Analysis Services fee (50$/month) to identify which language is used in posts or comments.

And of course, I do not take into account the time spent to setup, monitor and maintain the infrastructure and the Database Injector service.

My wish as always been to keep the access to SteemSQL public and free to everyone, but it's slowly becoming unsustainable and I cannot continue to provide this service at loss.

Some suggested to move to a paid service (maybe with service level differentiation based on different monthly fees). But I’m kind of utopian and would like to give it a try with another way of funding this project, while sticking to the idea of providing it for free.

How can you help?

Here is how you can help me keep SteemSQL alive:

  1. You can upvote and resteem this post
    This is the very first thing you can do, and it will cost you nothing! You can also do it on the other SteemSQL posts.
    Easy, isn’t it?

  2. You can vote for my witness
    I know I'm not the best to brag about myself and the work I do every days for Steemit, hence my low position in the witness ranking (now at #58). Help me to raise this by voting for my witness.

    Once again, it’s a free of charge action. Witnesses are paid by the platform for the work they do. And it is up to YOU to choose who you want to reward.

    You will ensure a small but steady revenue that I can allocate to SteemSQL or other project like SteemitBoard.

  3. You can make a (recurring) donation
    This is the most valuated effort you can make, especially if you are a SteemSQL user.
    Transfer as many SBD (or STEEM) as you can/want. Be sure to to mention SteemSQL in the memo!

    Any amount will help. Small drops make big rivers!

Some did not wait my call and already made it spontaneously:

Thank you so much for your donation! @abh12345, @ace108, @bitrocker2020, @carlgnash, @ecoinstant, @isaideureka, @misterakpan and @justyy

Hopefully my call for support will be heard. This platform is proven to be excellent at supporting project like @utopian-io, @dtube, @busy.

It would be an amazing Christmas gift to the community to keep SteemSQL free for everyone.

Thank you for reading and for your support!

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Making it a paid service would be a disaster for such a great project. Have you considered going open source? All users of the steemsql could contribute to the further utilization and development of the project. I am sure there are plenty interested.

@geekgirl, thank you for your donation!!

Have you considered going open source?

Unfortunately, going open source won't help to reduce the cost of an infrastructure and its maintenance.

All users of the steemsql could contribute to the further utilization and development of the project

I fully agree with you. The blockchain already allows to share part of the posts reward with others. Thos who publish posts with data collected thanks to SteemSQL could use this option. Unfortunately, it is not available on the web client.

I like the sharing the post reward idea. As many of us using the tool for various purposes, and some even builing on top of, I think we can move forward in a more organized and supportive way so it is not much of a financial burden on you. May I even suggest creating a official steemsql account that can resteem all steemsql tagged posts, keep them in one place in organized manner. So users of the steemsql tool can easily access various tutorials, implementations, etc.

I did hear someone working on implementing it to steemit. It's sorely needed and would make collaboration so much easier!

Your service make our lifes better.

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Thank you!

Hi @arcange. I've upvoted, resteemed, voted you as witness and donated some SBD to you. Hope this helps. Thank you for all your work and contribution to the Steemit community.

Hey @magicmonk,
Thanks for your support and thank you so much for your donation!! You rock!

Hello @arcange, you got my full support.
Good luck with this wonderful project most of steemians use everyday some way or another !

Hehe @roxane, merci beaucoup pour tes encouragements =)

I just saw this post. I've resteemed and up-voted this post.

Thanks you so much for your donation!

Thank you. It's been long due. :)

Thanks @arcange for making SteemSQL for free. Upvoted and Resteemed!

I had just got started with SteemSQL. Just a sharing to those who got started, I have a full graph of the tables and columns of SteemSQL in the picture. I visualize this with JetBrain DataGrip.
Save it here

Great work and really helpful! Thanks for sharing this table map.

Woah that is actually really cool! Thanks for sharing the visualization!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Love what you are doing and you have my support too. I have not sent you steem, but I have gone back and upvoted a number of your posts to show my thanks. This should add up if the price of SBD holds :-)

You already have my witness vote, but I will promote this for you with the bi community too

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Upvoted, Resteemed, Followed and Witness voted (hey I'm very particular about Witnesses.. don't let me down)


Thanks to @techslut who resteemed this post ;-)

@miti, thanks for your support

I'm very particular about Witnesses.. don't let me down

Make your vote even more appreciated!

You're very welcome @arcange ;-)

Чем смог - помог! Голос и рестим! Удачи @arcange)

@dimarss, Большое спасибо!

Быть добру :)

upvoted, resteemed and 2 votes for witness.

2 votes for witness

Wow, double support! Thank you! Thank you @steemitbc and your shadow voter.

@rt395 , but you know you have a lot more support from us and the BlockchainBI community. They rely on you.

got my upvote and re-steem. Invaluable tool.

Thanks you @markangeltrueman. Your support is really appreciated!

Resteemed, witness voted and post upvoted with what little VP I have left from curating too much lately.

As for a "cash" donation - I'll see what I can do, though I just moved some to bittrex recently... With the SBD value being what it is, even a few SBDs can help keep this important service alive.

@techslut, thank you so much for your support. As said, even small drops will help the river to grow.
I wish you an Happy Christmas!

you got my vote already / peace out

This service is one of the most valuable apps developed to date linking in to the Steem Blockchain. Thanks and happy Christmas.

Thank you @eroche. I also wish you a Happy Christmas!

This service is absolutely worthwhile, and the community needs to show that it can keep such things free! This is what Steem was built for.

You've more than earned my upvote, witness vote, and resteem.

Thank you so much @jenkinrocket. Your comment makes me warm at heart =)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

If apps like dtube, busy and utopian are using your service, you shouldn't be in this place. I hope these projects step up and give you the support you need to continue on with steemsql. I've yet to use it myself but I'm sure that day will come.

Upvoted and resteemed. Good luck with improving the service!
E: Since I had witness votes left, I also gave one to you. Always happy to support developers and service providers.

Thank you so much for your witness vote and support.
I feel proud to get the latest available vote you had =)

I've been giving them out slowly for those who I deem worthy, haha. Still have plenty left. Keep up the good work.

up-voted, followed and witness voted. Good luck and thanks for your contribution.

Thank you for your support =)

resteemed witness voted and post upvoted! thanks to techslut for the resteem :)

@lonelywork, thank you!

I discovered steemsql only recently and even with my basic SQL skills I was able to get loads of useful and interesting information out. Long may it remain free so that noobs like me can discover and use it.
Upvoted and witness vote added.

@jimbobbill, thank you for you comment. I'm glad to read SteemSQL really helped you to catch the content of the blockchain.
Yes, my wish is to keep it free and your support will definitely help.
Steem on!

Upvoted, resteemed and witness voted.
I am a heavy user of steemsql.
Thanks for the good work.
A health check would be nice, to see, how far the db is behind or if maintenance is ongoing :)

Thank you for your witness vote and helping the SteemSQL project.

A health check would be nice, to see, how far the db is behind or if maintenance is ongoing :)

Very good idea. I will implement it as soon as I find some time for it ;)

Christmas is coming.. I have a long list:)
Maybe a Web api, so one can browse through data.

I have a health check of sorts on steemsearch which uses the following query

select top(1) datediff(minute, created, getutcdate()) as diff from comments nolock where depth=0 order by created desc

I try to put it to good use!

As far as just using SteemSQL to browsed posts (and not to browse the various other types of data found there), check out This is what Mark developed the health check shared here for - it is already a pretty amazingly full featured way to browse for new posts / posters. And it shows the current SteemSQL database lag when you visit it, so it is a quick and easy way to check :)

although i'm yet to use it, but as another dev, I know exactly where you're coming from.
We also moderated so many utopian stat submissions relying on your work, so thanks for making such a tool available to the community for free.
Gave a little support upvote, and sure you got my vote for witness as well

Thank you, @mcfarhat. I indeed see a lot of post based on data collected through SteemSQL published via utopian.
Your support, even if modest, is well appreciated.

Happy to give you my full upvote, resteem and also added you as witness vote. I will be making another donation as soon as some pending post payouts come through. I appreciate everything you have done and continue to do for Steem, and I am not just talking about SteemSQL (although that is personally tremendously helpful to me as I use SQL query for all my curation activities now). You rock mate!

Cheers - Carl

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thank you for your support and thank you for your donation!!!

Good luck! Always love to support others in tech with their endeavors.

I think I have done it right. Good luck

nice one

This post has received a 4.89 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @patrice.

New here so not familiar with witness or SteemSQL but I did upvote and resteem. I will also be checking out SteemSQL to see if I can leverage in any way and contribute more help.

I gave my pitiful $0.01 up-vote and re-steemed.
Thank you for your service.

Will supports any kind of project that brings benefit as the developments drives the community further. Upvoted post and withnesses and resteemed. 👍😉

You got my pennies worth.

Upvoted and shared.... thanks..

Thank you for your support

You are making so many things from this SQL. Steemit stats, hit parade, scammer.

@arcange, your efforts for this plateform are realy awesome, i realy appreciated and support your services. "SteemSQL" is very useful and helpful project launched by you. so we all should support you for its betterment and updation.

upvoted and resteem sir. Happy christmas


Upvoted and resteemed. Great work and very valuable contribution to Steemit community.

Thank you!

I know my upvote's value will not make a huge difference but still I upvoted as a form of my thank you for always supporting my every posts. Thanks!

Good luck, man!

You have built something amazing. It is much appreciated.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

good post,
thanks for launching SteemSQL.
upvote and resteem sir.

I'm discovering every side of steemit everyday as a minnow. This is great to know about steemSQL i've upvoted and resteemed of course and I would like to know if there is anything else that could be done tell us. thank you for the great work you are doing

is steemdb based on steemSQL?

No, @jesta (the creator of steemdb) use his own database.

Great!!! Merry Christmas, upvoted and resteemed

I have read lots of great data analysis based on SteemSQL as the source of information. Thanks for such a big effort.

You received my upvote, resteem and my third witness vote! :)

Good post.
Follow and upvote me
Thanks buddy.

Upvoted but couldn't resteem as the post is 12 days old. Will vote for your witness to help continue this service that you bring to the community.

one witness vote more

I have voted for you and I pray you get all the required support you need

I hope my upvote did help :)

Hey, great work with SteemSQL. Thank you so much for getting all this work done. You could make this an API based on a key that each developer would get and you could charge a fee per API call or per amount of results returned. You could just check the users balance in your steem account in order to enable or disable their key. Anyway, that's a good option :) If I ever use it for a public product and If I charge a fee for it I would transfer you a percentage of the income. Hope you can maintain this service for a very long time and that may open source it at some point :)

This post has been upvoted by @macdonaldfebi

I'm a bit late to the party on this one, but have you considered publishing daily/weekly stats from the @steemsql account? Surely you could generate $400USD quite easily, given how many people it seems are using the service.

As another idea, instead of payment, start a curation group that you need to join in order to use the service... make a weekly update and take 1 vote from your users for that update, as payment for using the service.

Also, any chance we can get a set of views with numeric values of some of the columns? I want to order by steem power (vests), but because it's a varchar no can do. Any thoughts?

I am support you.. Good luck

Awesome. Informative and very helpful. Steem on!

Sorry but I just read this post @arcange. I hope it's never to late to resteem and upvote. Thanks for supporting my posts too.

Done cast my vote to @steemsql..i will support your platformas witness!😊

In the first discussion we can see "SteemSQL needs your help! Need your help!" In discussing the topic SteemSQL introduced in 2016, SteemSQL reduces momentum, applications depend on it for their daily work.
I've done a lot of good and bad things about this topic, there are so many good things we need to know, planned maintenance, enterprise class service, current growth of steamit, future roadmaps, installation of unnecessary database servers, need SteemSQL Beautifully illustrates, through the post, etc. very well presented

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