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Few days ago, SteemSQL moved to a subscription model to be able to sustain its infrastructure, maintenance and development costs.

I had a lot of support of the users of SteemSQL, but some felt a little left out given the level of the fee for the subscription. I had a lot of chat with several users and witnesses. A big thanks to them for their previous feedback.

I am truly grateful for those who have already activated a subscription to SteemSQL and those who regularly support the post regarding the updates. This really gave a boost to this project and will allow me to develop and deploy lots of new features.

Although the price of the SBD has decreased, the price of the monthly subscription has not changed to make it a bit more affordable.

New Daily Subscription

Some users have shared with me the fact that they only use SteemSQL occasionally, and therefore do not need a monthly subscription.

Others want to do some testing and find out how to work with SteemSQL but do not feel comfortable buying a full subscription just to play a bit.

For all these casual users, I decided to add a new daily subscription plan!

How do I activate my subscription?

The subscription activation process is very simple. The @steemsql dedicated technical account has been created for this purpose.

  1. Transfer 1 SBD to @steemsql (no memo is required)*

  2. As soon as @steemsql receives your payment, your activation will be processed

  3. You will receive a micro-transfer back from @steemsql.

The memo of the transfer will be encrypted.
To see its content, you must log in with your memo key.

The memo that comes with this transfer contains the following information:

  • the server hostname to connect to SteemSQL.
  • the database name
  • your personal login
  • your password
  • the expiration date and time of your current subscription.

Your subscription will be valid for 1 day, starting at the time you receive the transfer from @steemsql.
You can make multiple payments of the daily fee if you want to subscribe for several days.

How do I extend or renew my daily subscription?

The process is exactly the same.

  1. Transfer 1 SBD to @steemsql
  2. You will receive a micro-transfert back from @steemsql.
    The memo is encrypted and see its content, you must log in with your memo key.
    The memo will also mention when your new subscription expiration date

What happens if my subscription expire?

You will no more be able to connect the SteemSQL with your login information.
You can reactivate your subscription at any time and you will get new login information.


Users with an active subscription will be entitled to priority support.

Support for SteemSQL will be provided on SteemSQL dedicated channel only.

Do not forget to visit SteemSQL website


  • Be carefull to transfer the exact amount for your subscription!
    All SBD / STEEM sent to @steemsql with an amount different than the daily or monthly fee will be considered as a donation to the SteemSQL project.

  • There will be no refund unless it is proven that you have not received confirmation of your subscription via a transfer with your login information.

*Given the current volatility of the SBD price, subscription fee may vary from day to day.
Any change to the subscription fee will be published under the @steemsql account and on SteemSQL channel.

Thanks for reading!

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I'm confused so what is SteemSQl some kind of database?

All information about SteemSQL can be found on

good programing

follow me and vote me..and i follow you and vote you

Ah sweet, thanks @arcange. 1sbd per day is way more accessible for me... allows me to do a monthly or fortnightly audit/report for myself!

follow me and vote me..and i follow you and vote you

that is valuable post i see......
thanks for this programming sharing
just keep it up dear

Thanks @arcange for providing this flexible plan for casual users. 👍😊

@arcange this is really a nice initiative. I'll subscribe to it. Meanwhile, thanks for visiting my blog @lizzieharrison

very nice programming

Well, this sucks. I understand that you need to do it, but I'm still disappointed.

Thanks for providing a great, free, service for so long. Maybe one day in the future you'll have another login method for us "analysis enthusiasts" to login for free again!

That's good news. I already have the monthly subscription but is nice to have this daily option. Thanks, man, steem on!

Great business model. Hope you succeed with it :) I'll give it a try some day. As long as I don't make my own steem sql database, your solution is great.