STEEMSQL - A public SQL database with all blockchain data – UPDATE 4

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Months ago, I publicly made available a MS-SQL database with all the blockchain data in it.

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What’s new?

Escrow transactions support

With the last hardfork, a new set of transaction type have been introduced.
The Database Injector now manage the following new transactions :

  • escrow_transfer
  • escrow_approve
  • escrow_release
  • escrow_dispute

These transactions are respectively stored in the following tables:

  • TxEscrowTransfers
  • TxEscrowApproves
  • TxEscrowReleases
  • TxEscrowDisputes

Performance improvement

Several indexes have been created to improve overall queries performances.


SteemSQL is running 24x7 on a high-availability infrastructure in a datacenter. More and more users are using this services everyday.

Please help me maintain SteemSQL alive by upvoting this post. All post rewards will be allocated to the infrastructure costs.

If you need help, have any comment or request, please use SteemSQL channel on

Thanks for reading!

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Thanks for this great resource.

Thanks! =)

Made a spot to upvote you as witness ;)

Great!!! Really appreciated!

This is a great resource thanks for this!

Good job, although escrow has rarely been used. I'll upvote your comments.

In regards to witness voting, your witness node has been unstable in last month, that's why I unvoted you in the first place. Also, you're not active in , no witness update post, very old price feed, voting with default governance parameters, etc..

This is fantastic. You rock