NFL Protest Special LIVE Steem Sports Cast! Explosive Debate!

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We are back with another LIVE AND EXPLOSIVE Steem Sports Cast tonight! We have tried to stay away from the NFL controversies over the last few days and focus on football. But tonight, @scottybuckets and national radio host @sportsfanjlogli will let their emotions and strong feelings fly about the state of the NFL Protests. Let's just say that they probably won't agree on everything.
Colin Kaepernick started all of this last year when he took a knee. He followed that up by wearing a Fidel Castro t-shirt during a press conference and a pair of socks with Police Officers dressed like pigs. @scottybuckets will tell you his thoughts about this.
Television Ratings have been way down so far this year. Will this continue? Will NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell do anything about this or has he lost complete control?
Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, made some important comments yesterday. How does that affect what the Steelers do the rest of the year?
Click the link below and listen to our heated debate. Let us know what you think! Thank you for following @steemsports and you can catch us @scottybuckets and @sportsfanjlogli Cheers!

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crazy shit

nice post friend,,,,

I love the NFL and the athleticism...I do support the protest. Racism and the bigotry in America is bigger than a game, and unfortunately people are going to have to get "uncomfortable" for us to wake up and do something about our cultural relations here in this country. Our past is disgusting and our present is "pretending" to be blind to our past. Things are not fair in America and there's only so much ignoring and looking away that you can do before the whole cookie crumbles. Just my thoughts.

I love the game. But I'm getting sick of all the nonsense. Let football be about football.