Will Floyd Come Out of Retirement For Pacquiao?

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It's a question that's been pondered upon since their first (and plausibly last) meeting in 2015. Post fight, there were tons of accusations against PacMan's camp in regards to them hiding a supposed shoulder injury.. and some deluded fans actually believe Pacquiao won the fight.
Floyd's clear dominance over the now 40 year old 8 weight world champion showed that he was, and still is leagues above most everyone in the 147 (and most likely 154) pound division[s]. Floyd just may come back to boxing to cement this notion by beating PacMan again.
It was so interesting to see Keith Thurman, a near 30-0 champion who was over a decade younger than Pacquiao get outclassed in the ring as he did. Dropped by a swift punch in the first round, 'One Time' Thurman never seemed to recover nor did he want to engage over the course of 12 rounds.

It was pure dominance in my opinion, and the split decision in which one judge awarded Keith the fight shows that not even a legend is protected by the corruption of boxing. Even Floyd Mayweather was awarded a draw in a completely dominant fight over the younger Canelo Alvarez.
It was a shocking display of speed, durability and power that Pacquaio showed. In receiving Keith's belt and position for choosing another champ (to beat and eventually unify with)...PacMan once again controls all the cards.He has become the big ticket in Floyd's absence...
...and I wouldn't doubt it if Floyd is sitting a bit envious as he wants to prove himself once again. I will admit that Floyd taking Pacquiao on after over 2 years out of the ring is dangerous.. and in actuality he hasn't fought a true pro boxer in over 4 years (Andre Berto).

The Conor McGregor fight was only a tune up of sorts... and that in itself was an exhibition. With Pacquaio staring across the squared circle, Floyd will have to deal with the wrath of a completely different beast. It will be interesting to see Floyd's confidence and resilience if he does invariably return to the ring.
Once could see that Floyd being in the ring at the entrance of both fighters means he has the itch, and if he does return, I'd still say the smart money is on the money man. He truly is the most gifted boxer of this generation and possibly the last... his defense is seriously perfect.
The biggest fight in history can only be topped by a rematch, and Pacquiao has only gotten better with age. No injuries, no excuses... I'd look forward to a rematch of the undoubtedly two best fighters of our era. Mayweather vs. Pacquiao 2, who would you take if we get that fight (sooner than expected)?

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I think it is a bit too long now, I can’t see it happening. I think Floyd might do an exhibition fight again, maybe even another conor fight, maybe, but, to come back against pac would be super tough this time. However, I still think Floyd would be the favourite

I dont think so. Floyd has gained weight and he runs a huge risk of losing.

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It would be cool. But that’s a lot of work though pac still got it. He’ll probably just talk trash and enjoy his retirement

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