Who Can Dethrone 'The Chosen One'?

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Tyron Woodley sits atop the welterweight division as a lonely king. Nobody has seemed to be motivated to take the belt as the welter and middleweight divisions have been in somewhat of a limbo since longstanding champions in Silva and St. Pierre had their legacies ended.
It is crucial to recognize Woodley as a pound for pound player and one of he greatest welterweights of all time. Asides from persona and he claims Tyron has made over the years, he is one of the most durable and hard hitting welterweights of all time.. and his resume speaks volumes.

Very few fighters rose the ranks from former organizations like Strikeforce and WEC, and those that did became champion and held their belts for quite a long time. Woodley was an incredible piece of the Strikeforce buyout, and the UFC has made the most of their purchase.
It seems Tyron feels disrespected at the lack of appreciation for his former performances. Knocking out Robbie Lawler and completely nullifying Demian Maia show that Tyron has the true mark and fervor of a champion.. and he absolutely deserves respect for what he's done.

It is time for a new contender to rise, and unfortunately there are very few action fighters left at 170 pounds. Colby Covington seems to be the loudest and most brash rising star with the skill set to challenge Woodley... but most pundits would agree Colby would struggle badly in tha bout.
Tyron could go down as the greatest 170 pounder of all time if he can keep his belt and defend it over and over again... This has been done only once, but a powerful wrestler with knockout power is just the recipe to contend in that division. We will see how far the Chosen One goes...

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On any given day, someone can lose. If they show up ill informed and unprepared, then of course the odds will shift.

He nullified Maia and Thompson. Critics will look down at that because the uneducated wants to see blood and knockouts.

We need to look at boxing and how Maywether is looked at as the greatest because he was a defensive fighter. He wasn't a knockout artist. Eventually that style of not getting hit and a undefeated record will eventually give the title of respect. Most still think this is 1995 and UFC 1 just premiered.

Back to the main question, "who can beat Woodley"? If he continues to perform his cautious and explosive "one punch" knock down tactics, I don't think anyone can beat him. He is conserving his energy and explodes when there is an opening. Anyone that takes him on will have to put him on his back foot and heel. Never give him an inch to move forward, and keep him back pedaling.

Anyone in the top 10 can beat him, they just need a better game plan.


Great analysis my friend!


Thank you for the upvote.


You know your stuff, I wish I could give you more!

Anything can happen in MMA but I'd be amazed if Covington even caused Woodley to break a sweat.

As you say Tyron seems to rub people the wrong but there is no arguing his quality. He won the title by knocking out one of the toughest fighters in the game, he has spent 50 minutes in the cage with Wonderboy who many regard as the best striker and hardly got caught by anything and then nullified Maia while never being in danger.

Dos Anjos looks good since moving up to this weight class and should probably get the next title shot, he has the potential to defeat Woodley and also Darren Till is one fighter that stands out as having the best chance to defeat him. Maybe he's not technically as good a striker as Wonderboy but he's a quality striker and more powerful and aggressive.


Great breakdown my friend!

Sad thing is he may have the physique and skills of a champion. But he lacks charisma and his fight performances may have been winning for him but it lacks the drama and excitement to dazzle the fans. He may need the PR team of McGregor or Mayweather to at least increase his popularity.


Completely agree with that sentiment.

it wouldn't be easy but tyron just have to watch cos more fighters will contend for the belt. i believe tyron will hold the belt for a long time


I think so too.

Losing or dethroning of a champion is often time not pre-planned. A champion can be dethroned at anytime, all it takes is determination by the opponent. The least expected fighter could be the dethroner.