Reasons Why LeBron Should Move His Talents Out of Cleveland

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It was a tough season for the Cleveland Cavaliers with the Kyrie Irving trade, roster shake-ups, a lot of injuries, and many other issues and controversies. But, the Cavs still managed to hold on and make the playoffs and everybody knows that the main reason for their success was in the hands of one man, none other than The King, LeBron James, the best player of his generation. LeBron once again carried the team all the way to the playoffs singlehandedly. But, all of this is not enough to keep him out of a lot of controversies.
There are speculations that his relationship with the front office has never been good. They say James believes that the General Manager should consult him or make him a part of every single decision they make and when things don’t go James’ way, the situation tends to heathen up. There are also rumors that James has had it with Cleveland and he is now ready to leave Cleveland and opt-out of the last year of his contract. Right now, all of these are all speculations. Nobody knows what LeBron truly wants and what he feels, but some believe that he should leave. And now we’re going to discuss the reasons why should LeBron leave Cleveland again.
Cleveland’s roster is getting old. LeBron is playing his 15th NBA season and he is turning 34 years old. Also, Kyle Korver, JR Smith, Jose Calderon, Jeff Green, and George Hill are all in their 30’s. I believe LeBron should find a team that can surround him with young talents to take some load off him. He is not getting any younger, but he’s still playing a lot of minutes. It’s not easy for a 33 year old to play a lot of minutes for 82 consecutive games.

Cleveland is a good team, offensively, but they are lacking defense. LeBron is a great defender especially in the playoffs, and he is also a great facilitator. But, he needs more than purely shooters around him in order to take the team to the top. The Cavaliers don’t have those defensive minded players right now. The Philadelphia 76ers can provide him what the Cavs are lacking. Not only the Sixers, but there are other teams that will give him a better shot at another NBA Championship including the Houston Rockets, Portland Trail Blazers, and even the Los Angeles Lakers. These teams are younger and more likely to dominate for a very long time, especially the Sixers with Ben Simmons, Joel Embiid and a great supporting casts.

LeBron James is only thinking about getting his 8th straight finals appearance right now. He is focused only on winning, but the Cleveland Cavaliers’ front office looks like they are ready to move on if LeBron decides to leave the team. Acquiring young players in Jordan Clarkson, Larry Nance Jr., and Rodney Hood, as well as owning the Brooklyn Nets’ pick which is expected to be a top 5 pick. LeBron should let them know that they need him more than he needs them; because there are many teams that would want the services of the Best Player in the world.
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Agreed. Time for LeBron to move on from Cleveland.

Great post