Dream Matchup: Vasyl Lomachenko vs. Mikey Garcia

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The Greatest 135 and 140 pounders in the world; at this point it is a bit confounding to the hardcore fan who is the more known between these two champions and phenoms. Garcia vs. Lomachenko would be one of the greatest battles of pure boxing skill the world could ever see.

It is evident that most of the world has begun to know the name of 'Hit-Tech' Lomachenko as he recently dismantled Olympic Gold Medalist Guilldermo Rigondeax... that fight somehow grew vast after it caught attention to major broadcasting networks like ESPN and First Take.

Mikey Garcia fought last night against an incredibly durable and tenacious undefeated champion in Sergey Lipinets, and it wasn't and easy win for Mike. He experienced some of the most damage we have ever seen the champion take, and Sergey may have proven to be a bit too strong early on.

Mikey moved up to 140 pounds for bigger opportunities, and Sergey was a great litmus test to see where Mikey needs to get his strength and endurance at this new weight. The lack of opponents (whether they are scared or not) forced Mikey to a higher division...

...this move will hopefully work out well for the now 38-0 champion. Lomachenko is not undefeated, but his only loss is highly questionable against a very crafty veteran who used somewhat dirty tactics and measures to get the victory at all costs against a young kid.
Garcia vs. Lomachenko is the fight we need that we don't really even know we need, but once it comes around (if it ever does) the fans will clamor... and they will make a war of it. I would personally be as confused the day of as I am now, and those are the best types of fights!

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Garcia's head looks so much bigger than Loma's.


lmao I think it's because Mikey is closer to the camera, he is the bigger man for sure though.

Lomachenko is an extraordinarily talented boxer, but I think he would lose to Mikey because Garcia is too big for him.

Lomachenko AKA The Matrix, is by far my favourite boxer right now, he is just a dream to watch. The only downfall he has is the lack of power (which he makes up for abundantly with speed).. As boxing fans we like to see some serious knockouts and finishes.


I think Loma has very solid power, it's his speed that translates so well. Brilliant fighter, I don't see him losing to anyone like Linares.... now Mikey Garcia would give him the fight of his life!

Lovely work

Skills and tactics not only coming from the boxers but also from their training team should be put to the test in these kind of fights.
High quality strategic fight with lots of skills to display is what I would like to see on this match up.

That's a fight I'd def like to see. Loma is one of the best fighters in the game -if not the best- going right now. Dismantled Rigo with surprising ease, and while Garcia is really, really talented, he is still working his back from an unnecessarily long layoff. I think Mikey is the best possible opponent out there for Loma right now and it would be an awesome fight. That being said, Mikey is going to have to show more than he did if he were to beat Loma. Would be a great, great fight.