HUGE Giveaway Reminder! - Steemsports Updates

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Hey everyone! 

Just a quick post to remind you all that there is just under 24 hours left to vote in our massive giveaway on @steemsports ! You can find the original contest post here:

To vote, tag the author of your favourite post  from this link:

Remember, vote for ONE user only! The winners will be getting some huge prizes couresty of @steemsports so support your favourite authors! 

On a side note, I'm posting this on my personal account and not on the main steemsports account in an effort to keep the  main feed clutter free. From time to time i'll be making smaller posts like this one on @gnocdepatat , but be sure to follow @steemsports for contest details and larger community updates. Wish you all the best! 



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If you like what we're doing please upvote this comment so we can continue to build the community account that's supporting all members.

Thanks for the post I'll surely check it out.

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