Pro Steem Engine and Steem Blockchain Reddit Posts and Tweets made today from members to promote Steem on Legacy Social media

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So I have a collection of recent Social media posts made by various SteemSpeak discordmembers who are helping me to promote the giveaways of various cryptocurrencies on the https;// discord from DOGECOIn to ASS token to NEOXAG to BTC via 1 satoshi each :D And I have enlisted the help of steemspeak members to promote these tokens, especially my ASS token which I will distribute 100 thousand, which will only cost me 100 steem to purchase back at current prices.

@citimillz made these reddit and twitter posts about Steem-Engine Steem Blockchain and @steemspeak


if we canvas enough sectors of crypto twitter we can end up snagging that ONE crypto whale who has like a few grand here a few grand there to invest into steem engine....

One or two big investors, either from outside steem or from within steem itself, will change everyone's perception of these tokens, and then a new aesthetic upgrade for itself and the ability to buy and sell steem engine tokens on a NEW front end other than just steem-engine will also be agame changer

People will make new logos for steem tribes like neoxian city and steem leo and the graphics will get upgraded, infographics and videos will be created to explain the mechanics behind SCOT tokens and their communities. The websites will have new custom themes and widgets to stand out from and then whoever is first to make a mobile app with free or effortless on boarding will REALLy stand out from the crowd and gain MASSIVE investment from people OUTSIDE steem. The onboarding can be as simple as giving links to people who already have accounts with reddit twitter instagram etc, then we can watch as the exclusive nightclub atmosphere of a place like https;// or creates even more Fear Of missing Out among anyone without a steem account. 1 steem account garuntees access to every tribe. Oh and things will really change when someone's tribe has a mobile app with free on boarding and a built in exchange using maybe just @blocktrades, so that users can buy and sell their SE tokens for regular BTC and other popular altcoins, then things will become really fancy and it will really change he game... we will reach a new level of FOMO.

(Steem-Engine users already have the ability to deposit BTC and many altcoins into the system, so that we can become "brokers" and allow people to deposit the coins, and we can either send them their desired steem engine tokens so they dont have to learn to buy and sell on , or we can allow them to hold their SE tokens using @banjo and they can withdraw at a later date OR sell with banjo when banjo can sell tokens)

If people have a way to buy a steem-engine token by proxy maybe with a custodian like the discord/steem @banjo bot until they have their own steem account, then we could perhaps gain a lot more investors who may now be blocked by the bottleneck of needing a steem account. If @banjo had the ability to purchase and not just tip, we could have this over discord where I can already send people NEOXAG tokens to discord users without any steem account. So theoretically i could set up a channel for OTC trades, and when someone sends me some BTC or LTC or whatever, I can send them some NEOXAG to their discord account and they can get a steem account to withdraw to later, OR as soon as @wehomen (or whatever devs exist :D sorry if hes not one ) and @aggroed ass MEMOS for Withdraws of Steem and EOS and Bitshares on Steem engine, we can actually withdraw to Exchanges like @poloniex @binance @bittrex

It is a fun place to be on discord when you can watch all of this money fly around, much more active feeling than using a front end. For example, Since banjo can do commands like $upvote IF you buy and stake enough banjo tokens, then we COULD potentially give banjo posting authority if we wanted, or we could delegate to banjo to then upvote from his account... id also love to see banjo take a screenshot of the previous 10 lines of chat text, post it to steem, and then add beneficiary rewards to everyone involved.

Anyway I invite everyone to help me promote steem engine over twitter reddit and instagram!

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Very interesting what can happen with all this.

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Yeah, I'm not sure what STEEMSPEAK is beyond the fact that the token is on fire!

Nice action on twitter to promote steemit!

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