#steemsmokeout Episode 4 with @kennyskitchen, @alchemage, & @hempress: Smoke a Big Blunt!

in steemsmokeout •  8 months ago


We decided to roll a blunt of a mystery strain to celebrate my record release coming up this week for this episode of #steemsmokeout. Today we had the TSU Elder crew together and got blaaaaaaazed! This episode also features the cannabis strain Strawberry Diesel that Kenny picked up for a local Portland dispensary, Puddletown Organics. I also go over some details about my record release, and its corresponding party next weekend. Featuring @kennyskitchen, @alchemage, @hempress, & yours truly @elamental. Click pic below to play:

Blessings everyone & stay tuned - into the right frequencies







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Congratulations on the album and good to see you all relaxing and enjoying mother nature. Wish I had been there. :)


Thank you! You were with us in Spirit!

some songs never get old......

You were totally my inspiration for making banners lol. I wonder why. :)


I just updated with the video, the upload was taking to long and I got impatient lol. Good to go now. Yea my design contest idea was a great one. I am looking forward to the next one as well!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

It's great to see you all together enjoying your time :)

Is that a GMO strain or what? It sure does sound like it :)


That is sort of a strange question when you think of what GMO actually means. But no, not in the intended context I think you are conveying. It came from Puddletown Organics.