Sunday skate sesh set to some old Latin music I made (with some extra DUB)

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Afternoon Steemians, Steem skaters and fellow Freaks !

This was an awesome sesh at my local (shit hole) skate park . I found two blocks and decided to get creative with them. In addtion to this is a cameo by a good friend of mine from South Africa , Ken-Rae, he also knows @ nicolcron. Anyway this dude is older than me but check that crooks still on point . You young assholes better watch out !!

The music was from an old recording I did like 10 years ago. A friend of mine from New York,who is Cuban said she was going to come to London . So I made a DIY attempt at some latin music for her to sing on but it never happened. So I just dumped it in my computer and put some dubs on it.

Enjoy freaks

LATER !!!!!!!48921877_510458772691030_6983471211019763712_n.jpg

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Beautiful cab fs board bro.
I want you in top shape for Barca.
We are gonna shred all the spots in the Catalonia capital maaaaate.

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