GET BACK AND LEARN SOMETHING NEW ! How Excel will choose my tricks

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Dear Steemians,

I have a confession to make I am not the cool guy I portray on Steem. The creative Adonis that can skate and create . I have a dark analytical secret , which is being good at Excel and getting it to do things for me.

So what did you do nerd !

As an older skater you are usually getting tricks back you used to know or learning new tricks . So I decided to draw up a list of tricks I wanted to get bank on street and ramp as well as tricks I always wanted to learn on street and ramp.

I realised through the trick list I previously made that it works better if you focus on one trick over a set period (in this case a month) you probably more likely to concentrate on that only and land it.

What happens if you land the tricks

I RULE !!!

What happens if you don't land them

I will roll the dice again and try something else

This is also open to my fellow steem skaters so if there are tricks you want to learn . Send me a list in the comments and I will roll the Excel dice.

Good luck out there !!!!!

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Nice bro, I like the edit lol. I like your idea of focusing on one trick at a time on your list.
I'm getting back out and skating more and back on steem consistently again lol so let's see these tricks!


Great to hear from you man , thought the bad crypto had swept you away. If you give me a list of tricks I can roll the dice for ya . Lets kick winters ass and get out there


For sure man, motivate tf outta me. I'll jot down a few and throw em at ya.
Been occupied with other things for a while. Life bro lol.

Hahaha that was such a cool edit bro.
I am sure you got that blunt 180 in.
Hardflips are such a bastard trick.They are my Achilles heel.
But you are a Greek and you will dominate Troy.


I am Adonis .......thank you for honouring me as a Greek


Don't forget about you trip here man.
I am waiting for you to go shred and show you around.

I love excel, but you do know there is a dice here


Shake shake shake, you roll the 20-sided die.

You rolled a 15.


Shake shake shake, you roll the 6-sided die.

You rolled a 5.


Hey Paula Great tot hear from you , I did secretly hope you would see this post . The dice seems fun but making my own spreadsheet for such a counter culture activity was way to appealing .

I did also see the message you sent asking for disclosure of the steem accounts which I though t was awesome . Steem and crytpto are in dark days but I have to remember why I got started on here which was to connect with people and create things from music to Excel. With that being said even if steeem does implode we still have the connections we made here .

Good luck with the tricks.
Resteemed by @Steemskate.