Average dudes and tricks , a night on the mini ramp

in steemskate •  29 days ago

Greetings Steemians,

I bring a quick sesh from last night. I had already worked on the chune a few nights ago so all I needed was some action . Last night a bunch of us old dudes got together and had a sesh on the mini before some beers. We managed to pull some tricks out the bag and I walked off with a tasty slam that closed the evening.

Steem on !!!!

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Hell yeah bro.
Been practising the bowl too lately.
Let's shred Barca in a couple of weeks brooo.


Fuck yea fresh orange juice !!! Man Dtube is totally against me I dont get to comment on alot of your dudes stuff cause my work computer wont let me watch Dtube . I normally go through everyones stuff while at work. So sorry I have been slack commenting and voting lately


No worries bro.
See you in Spain.

Cab bs 5-0 daamn.
Heavy slam also man.
Resteemed by @Steemskate.