RE: Vlog #24 @nicolcron DIY skate park under bridge with Cates and Radman + steemskate week 18 entry [DTUBE EXCLUSIVE VLOG SERIES]

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Vlog #24 @nicolcron DIY skate park under bridge with Cates and Radman + steemskate week 18 entry [DTUBE EXCLUSIVE VLOG SERIES]

in steemskate •  3 months ago

I just realised I said caveman boneless instead of caveman blunt whoops! Hahaha!

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Sick stuff, Thanks for keeping me company here on Dtube,'s to hoping it'll get popular with skaters and snowboarders..... check out my skate vids, I've got Dan Cates and a bunch of other sick uk skaters in some edits I did back int 90's. Radlands and playstation + other shiz, not all up yet but it's comming.


Yo! Nice one dude!!
Yeah I reckon once there are a few people who skate and actually making a living wage from this, everyone will get on it!!
Dunno if you know the #steemskate lot yet but my homie in Greece @knowhow92 is SMASHING it with his vlogs!! He has his whole crew on here now pretty much!

Cheers for the comment and upvote!
I'm following you now so I can def check out the old videos you got man, and look forward to what you have in the archives! =)

· check this one, Dans in it. got some more coming soom too, maybe you can give me some tips on making it work, seems to be just a place to put and archive my footage so far, being as I don't like the youtube platform, (prob for the same reasons your here.) I don't seem to be getting any of this steem stuff, ain't got my head round how it works yet, and don't want to spend my day likeing and commenting on shit I'm not interested in either, which seems to be what you do to get steem power, I thought providing content should pay out higher than comments and likes. good job I'm happy with it as a archive spot then aint it!.


I have found that this place is about real people. As in, people want to hear about YOU before they see what content your making.
The big DTube vote is hit and miss, some of my weakest videos made big bucks and others that I spend a long time on make 10c.
Still early days on here but consistancy seems to be the way to make the $$$ right now.
Keep it up dude, I will check that video now!

Criminal, you'll never live it down! haha!


My brain just does what it want most of the time hahaha!