The Noseslide Trick Tip You've Never Been Told - Steemskate

in steemskate •  11 months ago


Most trick tips already have this covered, so just to add my 2 satoshis, right after you ollie, yell "Now STEP on that motherfucker!" to yourself and you'll lock in and ride away everytime.

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hahahahaha!!!Propably that tip costs more than 2 satoshis man.
Hella funny ill try it and tell you if it works!!!hahahha


Telling you holmes, it works! You need a coach to get in your face sometimes, might as well be you! 90% of the tricks I land are preceded by a voice saying "oh just fucking do it already". You have to time it right, about a half a second before you pop it. You got this!

Is that steepshot just a link to a pic or is it a video . P.s: might be in NYC towards the end of Aug or Sept can pop up to philly I know you can get there in like 2 hours on a china town bus


The Chinatown bus!!! NYC is not far at all hit me up! And yea that's just a picture