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Share your "FANTASTIC BEASTS" coins and potentially get a healthy upvote from the #silvergoldstackers community members. Not feeling very creative and lacking ideas on what to post??? Then simply share this weeks coin(s) of choice and save yourself a lot of hassle.

The Royal Mint’s Queen’s Beasts series has been thrilling collectors worldwide since 2016, combining the Mint’s modern expertise with centuries of British tradition. The Queen’s Beasts series represents the ten mythical and symbolic creatures whose statues stood guard over Her Majesty the Queen during her coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey in 1953. Each of the Queen’s Beasts demonstrate the significance and importance of the Queen’s lineage and royal ancestry. The bullion series recently concluded with the 10th and final release of the 2020 Silver Greyhound. [SOURCE](


  • share an original photo of your coin

  • tell the back story of where, when and how much you paid

  • tell me if youre happy with the purchase and what first drew you to the coin.

  • Do you have any anecdotes, fun facts or personal stories around this coin? Please share

Once again, I will apologise if i missed your entry for last week challenge. This is a brand new challenge so i suppose I had better think of a catchy hashtag to make your entries easier to find. Maybe we could use #welshie or should we just stick to #silvergoldstackers?? Ill keep my eye out for the tag #sycc (share your coin challenge)....

Finding out more about an individuals "stack" and the reasons why they purchase specific coins helps us all understand each other more. Its very personal, but allows us as a community to bond and get to know each other better.


So dont hold back this week. Show the world what youve got and show the blockchain how proud you are to be a small piece of this amazing community. If you havent managed to find yourself a fantastic BEAST, you can still join in by writing a blog about your favourite QUEEN’S BEASTS.

I managed to come across a few posts from last week, and here are the blogs i found.... Thanks for sharing the love:

Starting us off this week is @silversaver888:

She gives thanks to @kerrislravenhill for sending her some LOVE

Next up, and popping his #sycc virginity, is @buggedout:

Giving thanks to an OG member @raybrockman. Heres his LOVE

Saving the best for last, and a man im glad to see back posting @raybrockman:

This was an epic LOVE story and a great bro-mance blossomed between Ray and @thedamus.

Id to thank you all for participating in last weeks challenge. If ive missed anyone out, i do apologise, but look forward to your entry in this weeks challenge.

This post will run for one week, where the next "Share your coin challenge" will take place. All entries will be checked for authenticity and must be of a high enough standard to warrent an uovote from the community.

Please use the hashtag #silvergoldstackers


If you dont own any precious metals, then why not tell us? As a community we encourage ALL engagements and encourage everyone to take the plunge and own at lease a sinlge ounce of silver or a fraction of gold. If youre struggleing to find a safe and secure place to buy, reach out to the community as there is always someone willing to offer their time and advice to help you out.


40+yr old, trying to shift a few pounds and sharing his efforsts on the blockchain. Come find me on STRAVA or actifit, and we can keep each other motivated .


Proud member of #teamuk. Teamuk is a tag for all UK residents, ex-pats or anyone currently staying here to use and get a daily upvote from the community. While the community actively encourages users of the platform to post and use the tag, remember that it is for UK members only.

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