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So ive been racking my brain, trying to think of ways to increase engagement on my posts...... The best way i could think of was to offer a financial reward for playing a simple guessing game. In these difficult times, what better way to win some hive than to have a little fun and doing some research in the process.


Rules are simple:

  • one guess(3 coins) per person
  • Simply leave your comment down below
  • NO editing

How easy is that??

Sounds simple right?? But only if you know the coins in question. Im going to change up this format a little bit and give every level of coin enthusiast the chance to take part. Instead of guessing just one coin, you have the fun of now trying to guess 3; beginners level, intermediary level and God level of knowledge. So lets start this off by giving a few clues -


  • the 28day cycle
  • are they deserting a sinking ship?





  • is it a bird, is it a plane?







I need:
C1- series name, year of minting and MINT of origin
C2 - common name, year of minting and country of origin
C3 - coin name and year of minting

Competition runs for 1 week. 2 hive as a prize or 500 HP delegation. If not guessed this week, the prize will roll over to next weeks coin. Then ill start by giving more hint.....

Remember that this is just a bit of fun and a way to start to engage more with my fellow #silvergoldstackers community members, as well as helping introduce newbies to our merry band.

So get guessing and i look forward to all your wrong answers!

The results for last week are in.......





No one even attempted to guess the "god level" coin. So ive added an additional pictire from thr coin to help you along.

Prize remains at 2 STEEM or 500 SP delegation.

If you dont own any precious metals, then why not tell us? As a community we encourage ALL engagements and encourage everyone to take the plunge and own at lease a sinlge ounce of silver or a fraction of gold. If your struggleing to find a safe and secure place to buy, reach out to the community as there is always someone willing to offer their time and advice to help you out.


40+yr old, trying to shift a few pounds and sharing his efforsts on the blockchain. Come find me on STRAVA or actifit, and we can keep each other motivated .


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Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

OK here goes...😁😆


I need:
C1- series name, year of minting and MINT of origin
Fuck knows can't see it...but lets go with Titanic
C2 - common name, year of minting and country of origin
As above but i think its superman
C3 - coin name and year of minting
Coin is Jesus

Happy Fryday

So close..... almost got them!

**actually you got the superman coin right. Lol

LOL well 1 from 3 is not too bad

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