Some Funny PM memes

in steemsilvergold •  2 months ago

I have nothing to write about. No motivation. No new coins yet. So for a laugh tonight, enjoy these funny Precious Metals memes.

Shitpost Complete!







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I laughed out loud a couple of times, thanks man🤘


If I can't post anything informative, might as well put a smile on some faces. :)

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Thanks for upvoting my shitpost @minnowsupport.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold


Thanks @ssg-community for upvoting my trash post.

Ron Swanson. That's a good one! I would say this still qualifies as a good post. It makes me think about silver, and that's some of the best use of my time. :)


It made me laugh. This post was horrible. Need some new coins to write about.

@vgholdingsllc and you don't even have to share any of the payout with STEEPSHOT !!


LOL. I need some new pieces to write about. Might have to go shopping this weekend.


This is not a shitty post. It is fun! We need this kind of post, due to the value of silver and steem...

Haha! Nice one @vgholdingsllc! Just think about how much gold is around that guys neck.

I only know how many pounds of money I have love it


I thought that was pretty funny myself. Wish I could put up some of the Memes I sent you. We need a group on here.


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