Engelhard Bars for your viewing pleasure

in steemsilvergold •  6 months ago

We will start this Engelhard session off with some of the bars in my Dansco album. First I get called out by @summertooth and his engelhards, then saw a few more posts. These aren't anything like what @silveringots or what @thedamus showed today, just some boring old Engelhard bars.

I do have a few variations of the 1oz bars but all are common according to All Engelhard. Here are some 1oz bars.



Then we have some 10oz versions. Again all common bars. I have shiny bars.


I have Dirty and Toned Bars.


Even a sideways Engelhard Bar.


What a sight to see. Gotta love Engelhard bars. Do you have any in your collection?


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what da heck? you have all of these??? noice mah VG


Of course I have all these, and plenty more. Been stacking for a while now. Thanks for checking them out @eaglespirit.


okay let's not get tooooo silversnobby k? k :p


That's how I do it @dfinney. LOL :)

Nice bars VG, my favorites👍


These are some of the first bars I started collecting. Thanks for checking them out @silverd510!

Oh i’m Engelhard right now! 😳😜🤣🤩👍👍

Booming show vg! Hold on to those tight — they’ll be collectors one day 🤟😎


LOL @thedamus. These bars aren't going anywhere now that they found their home. I must confess I'm envious of your poured bars from earlier. Those are already some collectors!


Yeah, i got lucky getting those two a couple years ago (for generic!!!) before the craze hit.

Loving this post!! The booklet is well put together🤙


Thanks @silveringots. Just checked out your post and holy crap. Those bars are amazing!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold


Thank you @ssg-community for kicking ass!

Man those are so cool. I need to bite the silver bullet and and nab some vintage pieces.


They are an awesome add to the stack @edthecanadian. And right now, really cheap.

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Wow that is a lot of Engelhards @vgholdingsllc! While I like seeing the bigger bars, I really like the looks of the Engelhards in the book.

I slabbered too hard and hit my head. When I woke up all the silver was gone. I gotta learn to keep this under control. :P