ALERT - Silver breaking out

ALERT - Silver breaking out

Silver - medium term

Silver - close up

As you can see silver's surge this evening has pushed through the strong downward resistance line. Time will tell if it continues it's upward move and remains above the 17.00 price until close but so far it's looking strong.
Geopolitically it looks like Trumps plan to introduce billions in tariffs on Chinese goods is damaging the dollar.


Gold is looking less strong but bouncing off the up trend support line. If silver should maintain above 17.00 expect to see a big move in gold as it catches up and makes another attempt on 1360.


Silver break out is in progress but not yet confirmed. Gold has some catching up to do. Watch carefully over the next couple of days.

For disclosure, I'm not a professional financial advisor and this is not investment advice, merely my own observations of the market and indexes, so do your own research.


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Man it sure has been range bound for quite awhile now. I’ve quite enjoyed buying silver when spot price is in the 16’s but it would be exciting to see a bit of movement! Down and I’ll buy more, up and I’ll jump for joy!

Stack on my friend.

We're not there yet but it seems to be getting close. As I type it's pulled back to 17.00.

Great news! Going to $21 till the end of the year!

It's looking strong again in UK trading this morning which is positive.

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