Weekend update #25

Hi everyone! It feels like forever since I was on over here. Looks like its been almost two weeks as a matter of fact. Things have been hectic. I was doing a bunch of traveling and haven't been able to get in the swing of things since I came back. Few things to update on and then I'm taking off.

First up I need to get a new test up. Since this is my number one favorite ways to curate I feel like it should be sooner rather than later. Be on the look out I will likely have it up within the next 24 hours.

Next I also want to get a curating effort up. I always like to see what steem peeps everyone likes to nominate.

Lastly I still want to come up with a new way to do my old undervalued posts from steemsilvergold. I just need to sit down and do a little searching. Expect to see one later in the week.

Alright everyone that's it for tonight. Family shout out to #thealliance @thealliance and @killerwhale! Stacker shout out to #steemsilvergold @ssg-community and #metalsmafia! Lastly my contributors @enginewitty and of course @armshippie.

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Happy to see you back.


Thank You and I'm always glad to see you around.