Who’s Buying Gold?

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Hi friends,

So apparently not all Central Banks are created equal. Many different qualities could be measured to support this claim, but for now i am just interested in one.


Just as the chart says, this ⤴️ is who has been ouncing up, and who has been ouncing down. I must admit, i am sad to see that Canada is on the wrong side of the above graphic, and none too surprised that it is China & Russia who are grabbing up that fancy as quick as they can.

In fact, and with regards to Canada, we sold ALL of our gold years ago. I forget which year, but i had a look on-line and officially the Bank of Canada has zero gold reserves, and get this, just 77 gold coins listed in the treasury! What the holy fuck!!!

We mine the stuff, we refine the stuff, and we dig for it like maniacs all around the world — so why does Canada have no gold in her booty box?


I mean cripes!!! How embarrassing!!! But what a boon for us stackers 🤩👍 because besides from 77 (presumably historic) gold coins the BoC holds, what this means is that even if YOU as a solitary stacker have just 1 ounce of gold, this means that you hold more gold than one of the G7 countries of the world. And, since Silver is not held in reserve, with a measly 82 ounces of the shiny you can claim to hold more precious metals than the gov’t of Canada.

Damn! Get stacking friends!!! Don’t be left out in the cold.

Cheers! from @thedamus


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I have one whole ounce of gold that I bought with Bitcoin a year and a half ago from JM Bullion. It is a beautiful 1895 Double Eagle. I think I have around 70 ounces of silver. That's it. I've been slowly stacking an ounce of silver here and there thanks to being on Steemit and being apart of the #steemsilvergold community. In fact I should have two more ounces of silver coming in the mail any day now from @silverstackeruk.


Sounds goodhippie! A great big stack starts off as a small ittybitty stack. 🤩👍🤣


No gold but hey Canada has tons of these pressed into every book in the national archives. So if there is ever a run on Maple Leaves Canada is sitting pretty!


Ha! Unfortunately there’s a re-print every year!!!


Ah an endless supply, sort of like fiat money, nature's own printing press.

Dude... I have a very basic wake up for people here. Regarding the "left - right" paradigm... Harper started selling our gold... The Trudeau sold the most of it. In fact all of it, except for a few " historic" coins that are held by the bank of Canada president.

It's all a scam. Buy gold!. Hold gold . And more importantly... Silver!.


Hell yeah buddy! I’m with ya 👊😎

Gold nd silver re going to be major players soon. Countries will either get on board or go bankrupt


It makes no sense bro... And scares the hell outta’ me!

That is real crazy. I would have guessed that every country has at least a tiny amount of gold in reserves. I guess that you and other Canadian stackers can, in a way, say that you are wealthier than the government. Haha!


I agree ks, it’s nuts!!! One ton is about 40 million dollars — surely with all the handouts going out in all directions, our leaders would choose to save some wealth for a rainy day.

Wait, I just traded some Canadian minted gold to a dude in New Jersey?!?!
giphy (3).gif


We the people buddy 👊😎

I don't think my Gold stack is more than what Canada has as a whole in its coin museum but with simple math 77/13 = 5.92, and a law of averages I may just hold enough to beat out Queen Charlotte Island if I include my dental crows. 😁


Lol! I’d bet there’s a high primo on the coins the BoC does hold, but rather alarming that we hold zero gold reserves in the nations portfolio...

I regularly buy gold, at least a 1/10 oz coin, and now a Mene 24K gold. Let us just stack on, @thedamus!!! A little every month!


Stack it up saver! You’re probably already richer than all of Sasakatchewan!!! 😁🤣🤣🤩


You mean STACKACHEWAN meaning stacker's province without natural borders, instead of Saskatchewan!!! 😁🤣🤣🤩


Omg!!! That’s perfect 😜🤣🤣🤣👍

What happen to Switzerland, the last country who abandoned the gold standard,. ! They selling gold, are they up for something? Is this correlated to the invention of bitcoin? :-)

If you ever see that dancing puppet, Justin trudeau, let him and the BoC know I have more gold than them... 😋


I’m on it welshie 🤩👍

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

I have my first gram of gold coming in (gram... Not ounce...) from a won auction. Small... But you have to start somewhere...