What would YOU do, stackers?

in steemsilvergold •  16 days ago  (edited)

If you had $500 to $1000 to invest in precious metals how would you do it?

A couple of these babies?


One of thses bad-boys?


15 of these suckers?


Would you break the budget for an ounce of palladium?


Did I miss anything?

I just sold my old car and have some $$ for savings but I really don't want to leave it sit in a bank so I'm looking for your suggestion.

Also if you see these at you local grocery store...




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Id buy a 10 oubce Geiger square and a 10 ounce Scittsdale tombstone with $500. With $1,000. Id buy the kilo Tombstone and a 10 ounce Geiger square and buy beer with the rest.

Happy Birthday bro👍🥃🍕🍔🍟🎂🍰

Thanks man! I saw that kilo tombstone, FREAKING SWEET!!!

One of the Geiger's and then one ounce generics with the rest if it's 500. If it's 1000 then go for the geiger at spot generics and then American silver eagles. Happy birthday and thanks for sharing

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Thanks @dwingsworld!! It's always the choice, to go fro straight-up ounces per dollar or get something premium...

Oh and buy like 2 or 3 fun things.



Oh yes indeed! 🤣😂 🤤 🎄

I would buy several bars because I'm currently saving up to get some

Cool man, which bars are you saving for?

I'm just saving for any big bar I can get. I'm currently in college and trying to collect in the free time

Nice. When you get enough saved silvergoldbull.com has a 10oz bar at spot price!

Sounds good

I wonder if platinum will go up in price like palladium has.

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No idea @sketch.and.jam. I wonder how long until palladium hits 2 G's?

I guess palladium skyrocketed because of new industrial uses. Maybe some new tech will require platinum.

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2 of those 500 gram geigers, no doubt about it.

Thats at the top of the list @silver-hammer. Any other suggestions I did not list here?

🙄 yep, I get me one of these ⬇️

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Buy tubes of one ounce generics. Easier to sell later. Or look for those 10oz at spot deals.

This from the girl that hates generics.

That's a lot of little rounds but I get that it's the best deal and easy to sell. I don't have an lcs nearby so I would likely sell them online somehow. Either back to the online dealer I bought it from or to one of you SSG-folk.
Thanks @dfinney!

@dfinney I so love to buy special Silver, and I always treat my self.....But I agree with you I would go for the biggest bang for most of the Silver.
Then I would throw some shiny Silver icing in, just to get that Silver fix Lol!!😀

Side note you share a B Day with John Adams and that's awesome!!!!

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Cool man, was John related to this patriot?

Why yes he was lol the man not the beer. Also been to the brewery and was a good time. Big fan of sam!

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The generics. No question in my mind. Literally whatever puts the most silver per dollar in the vault.

Thanks, Big E! I figured you would feel that way, however, I have seen you show some premium stuff too but of all the stackers that have been through Steem you are the only one I see who moves back a and forth from silver to fiat when necessary.

Well dude, I normally buy premium shit for cheap. But yeah do what you want, No ones gonna judge you. Silver is a savings account. Premium stuff, I keep cause I like it, but I stack generics, like 10oz bars, because I want to be liquid. It was so nice having gold and silver this last year for me. It literally kept the heat on.




Way too many Shiny new Silver toy's Lol!!
Did I read that it's your Birthday, all bets are off if it is!!!!😀
Otherwise many ,many, twenty round tubes.......
Then you can un-tube them, and just sit back and stare!.......

Personally, I will do 10 ouncers for silver and 1 oz gold bar or coins. the 10 oz silver is, I think, the best size to stack, not too big that you'd have difficulty liquidating them should you need to. But it is your fiat, do what you want with it, and should you buy precious metals. Do not forget to let us know what you decide! Take care, @summertooth.

For me it's a toss up between the Gieger and the Pamp since I don't have those in my stack.

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