@ssg-community Monster Raffle Win - Thanks @cyber.explorer & @fat-elvis !!!!

in steemsilvergold •  10 months ago

I want to say a big thank you to @cyber.explorer & @fat-elvis for providing these awesome prizes! They are both firsts for me, with one on my list and the other unknown to me until I saw it in the raffle.

Starting with the Austrian Philharmonic 1oz round...

I love the detail on this round and being a big music fan I like seeing the instruments, even the French horn! Also learned this is the only annually minted Silver Bullion coin denominated in euros.

And on the obverse The Great Organ of the Golden Hall in Vienna’s concert hall, the Musikverein.

So I just looked this concert hall up and, wouldn't you know, it's regarded as the best concert hall in the world(though I'm sure some would argue that)!


Now that's awesome! I tried to find a video of the organ in action but I could not. It is a really cool hall though and if I ever find myself in Vienna I am going to get a ticket to a show here for sure.


Next up we have the Silver Bullet Silver Shield 2oz Freedom Girl round, a stunner...

And the reverse...

So cool. Here is a short video of the sculpting process...

This coin is a true beauty and the 2oz size makes it even better! Checking ebay I see that this one is quite valuable and though I can't find a mintage number I would bet it's small.

@fat-elvis, I don't know how you let this one out of your hands, but THANKS!!


I'm gonna have to up my game in the next monster raffle!



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Great action @summertooth! And thx for info on the philharmonics


Sure thing my man! I guess they police recording devices in the hall because I could not find ONE video of that sweet organ doin its thing!


Something to go and see and hear if ever i am in Vienna for sure!

Glad you're happy with it summer. I think the mintage was 5000 if my memory serves me right? Cheers 👊😎


Wow, I figured as much as the lowest priced one I saw on ebay was $61.
Hey did you get the stormtrooper round yet? Just want to make sure it arrived up there in the Capitol city.


Havent got it yet, But things can be slow in the mail here!

WOW, beautiful wins, @summertooth!!! Congrats!

The two ounce 2013 Freedom Girl is a very desirable item. I have been following SBSS for several years. I did not acquire a 2 ounce and I wish I had done so. Congrats on this awesome round.
The Austrian Philharmonic is also desirable and collectible and popular. I have not yet picked one of these up. I see them at the coin shop. I better get one soon.


Thanks for the info @goldkey! The Philharmonic is really cool and to see a picture of the organ that's on the coin was really awesome. Thanks for stopping by...

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

These are two of the most beautiful coins/rounds that were at the Monster Raffle. Congrats.


Thanks my friend. I agree and I could hardly believe I got picked second.

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