My FIRST Visit To My LCS, And I Discover Locally Poured Bars!

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My first visit to a LCS, and it was nothing like I thought it would be! I don't know why I had a preconceived notion of what a coin shop would be like but I did.

I guess I thought it would be kind of like an upscale pawn shop staffed by an old curmudgeon or two. Instead, it was a small, neat shop owned and operated by a guy that looked in his 30's!

20180419_132412[1].jpgYep, looks like a shop. Now I didn't get any pictures of the inside as I got into a good conversation about (duh) silver, and crypto too.

As we are talking and I'm looking at the rounds, and some bars he has for sale, I see out of the corner of my eye some poured silver, then I look closer and it's a 6ozt Oregon shaped bar!
We talk a little more and I come to find out he poured the bar, as well as some other shapes and sizes.

I know right away that this is what I want but it's $20 over my $100 budget, so I give up the thought of getting lunch at my favorite restaurant and buy the bar instead!

He calls it "Pour'dland" and I really like the logo.pour'dland3.jpg
Here it is shimmering in the sun...
The conversation did come around to Steemit (he's not here, yet) and I told him I would email the link to this post over to him. So if you like this bar let him know in the comments here.
If you want to check out the shop's website try this:
He does have a video of himself pouring this Oregon bar.
And if you ever make it to Portland, Oregon, I highly recommend this place, and if you do stop it could be a 2 for 1 for some of you (I'm looking at you @silverstackeruk! :))


Have a GREAT weekend Y'all!

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Love this shit!!!

  ·  last year (edited)

IKR, there is nothing like a Coin Shop with Cool Poured Silver. @thedamus and you can take care of your STACKITIS at the Coin Shop and Next Door......................

I was happily surprised to run into a silver pourer at the coin shop! And a bar shaped like my home state!! Whoop whoop!

Now thats cool! We gotta get him in the mafia 😀

Yeah man, I'm hoping he sees this post and the SSG community here and joins. Real nice guy.

  ·  last year (edited)

That’s an awesome bar my friend. $20 an ounce ain’t bad at all

Yep, he charges $3 over spot for his pours. And something like 80 cents over spot for the commercial ronds and bars he had! Seems reasonable for sure.

  ·  last year (edited)

Thanks so much for sharing. I'm local and will definitely be checking this place out. If I run into the same guy I'll be sure to mention how I heard of the shop through your post. "Pour'dland", I LOVE IT :D Great photos and post!

Yeah, @hempress, check it out. The guy I met is the owner and I bet he's at the shop just about all the time. Let me know if you make it over there.

I have been living in Portland for 5 years and am a HUGE silver enthusiast, and I have never heard of this place. Thank you SO MUCH for posting about this! I will be going there tomorrow if they are open on 4/20 lol. I cannot wait to pick up one of those Pour'dland bars! That thing is dope! He does have more of them right?

I will turn other people I know in the area on to this as well, and bug him to get on Steemit. I am definitely following you sir. I hope to see you at Mt. Tabor tomorrow for the 4/20 smoke-out. Let me know if you are going. Blessings.

Right on bro, I didn't actually think I would find a Portland silver stacker with this post! Sweet. I bought one of the two Oregon bars he had in stock. He also had some 1ozt Pour'dland rounds and a 10ozt round too. Mike is his name, and he said the Oregon bars are by far the most popular! Let me know what you find.

I live out in Wasco County so Portland is about 80 miles from home, so I don't think I'll make the smoke-out, but thanks!

I went to PPM today and picked up one of those bars and a few other items. Click here to see my post I authored on it today.



Glad you made it over there, thanks for letting me know. I hope mike makes it over to Steemit! Headed to your post now...

No problem, hopefully we can kick it sometime and maybe trade some silver! Blessing my friend!

Beautiful pour and ready logo indeed!

  ·  last year (edited)

$120 for a 6 oz poured bar? Pretty dope dude.
Checked out his website. Cool pours & swag, but...
Gotta work on that shipping. $25 is a deal breaker.

Yeah, it was a good deal. Oh man $25 shipping, that seems excessive. Maybe he would dell more online if it were more reasonable. Or maybe he does not want to deal with online orders?!?!???

@elamental check it out

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