It's piratesunday #21 and I've got me some loot.

in steemsilvergold •  2 months ago

I was down in Arizona visiting my folks recently and while we were tailing about precious metals and coins my dad remembered a bag of foreign coins that he had socked away.

He found it and poured it out on the table.


I sat there staring at it and thought about just putting it back in the bag and making some lunch. Though I thought there might be something good in there I did not want to go through that pile.

And then it hit me, @gdwcoins would know what to do with this pile and he was just a discord message away. So I sent the picture and asked him if there was anything I should be looking for.

After just a couple of minutes he got back to me and said to spread the coins out and take a picture and he would circle the ones I should pull out of the stack.

That is some good old SSG hospitality right there! Thanks @gdwcoins!

When it was said and done this is what I ended up with.
I have not yet taken the time to go through these because I'm busy writing a post! :)

For now, my #piratesunday loot will go back in the chest. Thanks for checking in and don't forget to start thinking about your #piratesunday #22 post for next week.

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dude love bags of coins like that they might not be the most pricey of coins but you can find so many integrating ones nice booty

You never know what dad has in the closet! It looks like @gdwcoins is a good friend to have!

You could find some cool coins. Good luck👍

@gdwcoins... always there in a pinch. ☺️

@summertooth you old Pirate you.................

A pirate's loot, alright @summertooth!


Yeah, it was fun to see all those coins from other lands.

Your dad is a real pirate!


You got that right @goldroster!

These are a pretty cool find. One can never have enough coins from foreign countries. They carry so much history and will make a great addition to your coin collection.


Yeah, they really are cool, and it was great having a coin expert (@gdwcoins) on hand to help! Viva discord!