Were You Stacking SILVER in 1982 ?? Some of Us Were and Even Before..........CHEERS !!

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Just Looking Through some Old Purchases Today and I Found This Little Beauty.............

It was Minted by Golden State Mint........

Golden State Mint is a full service mint that was established in 1974. With State-of-the-Art Facilities in Southern California and Central Florida................

For Some Of You 1982 Might Jog Some Memories..........That was the Year that the TV Show CHEERS had it's First Episode.....

Now Lets take a Look At This Cool Silver Bar of The Prospector..........
The Year was 1982

Now Lets Look at the Cool Reverse...........
Love the Eagle and The Colorful Toning, The Camera did Not do This One Justice.....

Also Like I have Done on Recent Posts Lets take a Look at How much She Weighs.........

Then the Flip Side and It Looks Like We Have a Little Extra Silver for Our Money...........

The SPOT Price of Silver on 2/25/2020 when I Post This is $18.07......

The Price of SILVER is On The Move.........Are You Buying The Pullback ??

Keep Adding Ounces to Your Stack and Building Your Wealth.......

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I think the old days, when you flipped the round/bar and the weight was different, are over.

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yes they are going to be very Accurate now @ronaldoavelino

You know I like both the front and back designs of the DSM round a lot! 1982... the time when that design was so popular... well, until now it is! Thanks for the show, @stokjockey.
Have a great evening, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

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I Know You Love Prospectors and Eagles and that you are Very Patriotic Ms. Saver. It is a Really Neat Round and Yes I am sure as a Vintage Piece these were Popular............. @silversaver888

Can't get enough Prospectors even if they are not Englehard, literally.

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It is such and Iconic Design and It is a symbol of Freedom......@kerrislravenhill

A little extra Silver is so nice @stokjockey!!😀
I like this one it reminds me of the Engelhard Prospector round!
Silver is the place to be my friend ....
Stack on!!🤗

I’m staring at that $16 level right now 🤑

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You know it is always Fun to Buy The Pullbacks and Just Keep Adding Ounces @stackin .......

Good Things are Going to Happen for The Metals as we work Our Way through the Current Fraudulent System........

That is an awesome round and right up my ally! Thanks for posting this and sharing. Have a wonderful evening!

Copy of the California Diamond Jubilee commemorative half dollar.

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Sans the Grizzley on the Reverse, Yes @silverd510

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