Perth Mint Showing US the 2019 Designs........It's The Lunar Year of The Pig !

in steemsilvergold •  7 months ago

Just a Quick One to Share with the Stacking Community, It's Time to see The Lunar Year of The Pig...........2019

I Love me Some Kooks and Koalas, Kangaroos too.................

Perth Mint Reveals 2019, Enjoy

I Need to find my Wallet might need to purchase some more Perth Silver........................

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I cannot believe that it's almost 2019!!!


Yes it is coming like a Freight Train @sirstacksalot

I love the Lunar Pigs, the gold Kangaroo and the Koala! Love them all. Thanks for sharing, @stokjockey!


@silversaver888 Perth Mint New stuff is always a TREAT !

Ahhhh!!!! I am so excited to get my 2019 koala and kook!!!!

Yay! Thank you for sharing this!! 🐨


I am Really Attached to the Three K's, Kooks, Koalas, and Kangaroos. I also know your right with me on this @dfinney

Lunar pigs... I was wondering how they would show these ones off. To be honest, the lunar series really hasn't caught my eye to entice me yet. I prefer the older years' coins so far, although haven't got any of those either...

I'll be watching out for the 2019 Perth Mint Emus and Swans if they come out again. Those sold like hotcakes this year, gone before I had a chance to get in on the action. They're selling at quite a premium now.

I just got a delivery from the Perth Mint this morning... I'll post them up to show later today ;)


@bmj thank you for taking the time to share your comment and I am especially looking forward to seeing what you got from the Mint................

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Beautiful, I have been collecting the lunar series for sometime now. Can't wait to get the pig!

It is good to know what is coming for 2019. I collect the koalas and I liked this new one. Thanks for showing.

The Lunar series is very nice to look at and definitely worth having a few in the stack. Do go to crazy @stokjockey! Haha!

A beautiful collection. That gold kangaroo is perfect.