National Refiners and Assayers Canada Silver Bar Stiil Sealed 35 Years Later..........

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Got This One a Couple of Days Ago at the LCS (Local Coin Shoppe)..........

Tip of The Hat to National Refiners in Canada.........

National Refiners Assayers from 1985, 1 Ounce Silver Bar.........

National Refiners also Made Silver Bars in the USA but this One is Canadian.........

Now We Want to Put Her on The Scale and See Where She is at on The Troy Ounce (31.1grams). Keep in Mind there is a small amount of Weight in the Plastic Packaging............

With The Weight of The Plastic I Would Say this One is Pretty Close to Right on in Weight.........
The SPOT Price of Silver on 2/22/2020 when I Post This is $18.62......

The Price of SILVER is On The Move.........

Keep Adding Ounces to Your Stack and Building Your Wealth.......

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I am a bit biased, but I like the Maple Leaf.

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Another nice bar that is still in its omp. Your LCS must be actively moving inventory in and out that they don't run out of neat silver!
Have a wonderful weekend, @stokjokey, and take care 🤗💕😘

Thank You Ms. Saver. It is Nice to Find Silver Bars that are Still NEW after Many Years and No Hands have Touched them to finger Print them...........I do have the Fortune of Being Able to go to many different LCS's in my Area. It is such a blessing to have so many............@silversaver888

An extra 0.7g, Nice, being Canadian it should be more consistent with the CAD/USD exchange rate like 36g, but only in a parallel universe. 🛸

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It is all about to Change...............

@stokjockey can you give the Silver spot price a little push.....LOL!😇😀

All my Life I have been Pushing as Hard as I can...........

That's speaking like a true stacker!!😀

I love the National Refiners bars @stokjockey and this one still factory sealed!! Nice bar, eh?
giphy (14).gif

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It Sure Is You HOSER !!! @summertooth Nice GIF and glad You Stopped By Brother.......

That’s a sweet bar @stokjockey. Interested in a trade or selling it?

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Let me think about it and see about 10 days from now. We can revisit the thought then......... @silverd510

I will, by the way do you have an Engelhard Silver Bar in Landscape Format that you would Trade for this National Silver Bar ??

I’m not 100% sure. I will check for you.

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