JFK 10th Anniversary of His Death in 1973 Silver Art Bar with a Mintage of Only 2300 Pieces.........

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A Few Days Ago I Also Picked Up what I Consider a Rare Silver Art Bar from 1973 of The 10th Anniversary of the Assassination of JFK Our 35th President..........

SOURCE: Google Images

Many Things That are Happening Right Now in the United States in my Opinion can be Traced Back to That Day on November 22, 1963 when essentially the USA had a COUP........

Patriots are Wanting to Get Their Country Back From The Deep State and It is Happening Right Now........

So Lets Take a Look at This Great Piece of Silver.........By The Way These Silver Bars Were all Numbered and My Bar is #1048 across the Top Edge of The Bar.........
The Eternal Flame at Arlington National Cemetery.............

Then The Reverse Plain and Simple Smooth Back..........
This Silver Bar Was Minted by Medali-Craft and Struck for the SAGA Bar Club (Now Defunct)....
Since only 2300 Pieces were Minted of this Silver Bar they may be Hard to Find. Also Medali-Craft minted This Silver Bar in a Gold Plated Version of Which They Only produced 25 Pieces of Those. I Have Never Seen One of Those in my Travels. So Keep your Eyes Open when You go to your LCS's (Local Coin Shoppes)........

OK, Now To Keep Guys like @silvertop Happy Lets Put This Silver Bar on The Scale and See If We got any Extra Silver.........
Whatever You do @silvertop DO NOT PUT YOUR SCALE AWAY, Keep Looking.........How's That for a Little Extra Silver for the Money !!

Flipside of The Silver Bar........
The SPOT Price of Silver on 2/13/2020 when I Post This is $17.81......

Keep Adding Ounces to Your Stack and Building Your Wealth.......

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I like JFK and this overweight homage to him.

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He was a Real President for the People and They took Him Out. Patriots of Today will avenge that Death.

Nice simple bar. I visited JFK's grave at Arlington, VA. Jackie and their baby are also buried beside him.
I am curious to know... when you sell your generic silver, do you do it by weight, @stokjockey? Thanks for sharing this bar! Have a wonderful day, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

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Not Currently sold by Weight but I think in the Future when Silver is Hundreds or Even Thousands of Dollars per Ounce I could see People approaching Sells by Weight since they will want to get the Maximum Price for the Value of Their Holdings. Great Question Ms. Saver and Thank you for asking that........ I bet you felt a Certain Presence when you were at the JFK Memorial, Probably very Moving I'm Sure......... Have a Nice Day @silversaver888

32.6g! What a GENEROUS MINT! Guess that's why they are very much defunct.
If we could go back in time @stokjockey and buy up these bars like crazy.

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Simple and elegant. Oh and hefty too

Always liking the Vintage Silver Bars with some WEIGHT to Them, Thank You @silverd510


What a numbered JFK bar, and 32.6 on the scale!!🤗
I have a problem .....No Silver on my scale🤔
Those Engelhard American Prospector Silver Rounds from @silversaver888 are looking better, and better!

very, very nice bar I would think this would also be a collectable!!!

Now that's what I call a Great Picture on the Computer Screen. We Need to see some Silver on that Scale Though @silvertop

LOL....I need to work on that!!🤔🤗

I know you will. @silvertop have a Wonderful Evening

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