I Was in High School When This Silver Bar Was Minted, Does That Make Me Vintage ??

in steemsilvergold •  17 days ago

Just got Home from Checking Out a Couple of LCS's (Local Coin Shoppes) This Afternoon and I Only Found One Silver Bar I Wanted to Purchase Today.........

It is a Madison Mint Silver Art Bar that was Minted in 1972........

This Silver Bar may Be Older Than Some of You That Will Be Looking at This Post.........

I am Not Sure The Mintage on This Silver Bar that Being Said it Was a No Brainer Today When I picked it Up to Purchase It Off of a Tray Of 1 Oz. Silver Items that even Included a Few American Silver Eagles.........

Don't Get Me Wrong I Like American Silver Eagles but These Silver Bars are so Much More Fun.............

The Stagecoach.............

Madison Mint Silver Bar with a Type 1 Reverse..............

Thanks For Looking and Commenting..............

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I know I have this silver bar somewhere...


If Not Then maybe it will be Community Property One Day............

If its earlier than 1982 then its vintage to me.
Sorry for NOT posting #piratesunday, my brain deiced to go on strike for missing too many sleep hours in the last 5 weeks.


Ms. Ravenhill It's OK, Ms. Saver told me to Give You a Pass.

Yep, you're vintage. My folks hadn't even met yet!


Brutal Honesty Here @edthecanadian

Love the stagecoach design


As I Live in Arizona It Makes me Think about the Westerns I Grew Up Watching and Thinking About How People lived in the 1800's @oneopagex

Yes you are vintage. Your SS # should be like a QQ plate for cars.....🤣😂🤣😂


Now that's funny

I’m right there with ya, I was born in 1972 also!!


@willsparks88 stok was in high school in 1972! ☺️


My Future Wife Probably was Not Even Born Yet.........


You like your future wife like your art bars. Minted in the mid 1970’s and swimming in silver. 😂🤣🤣


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