If You are an American What Are You Going to Do With Your BAILOUT Check from the Govt. ???

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To Me this is Comical that I may Be Getting a Check in The Mail over the Next Couple of Weeks and I Will Take It.........

Listen to What Treasury Secretary Mnuchin has to Say About a BAILOUT For Americans..........

As Soon as I Receive my BAILOUT Check I am Going to the LCS (Local Coin Shoppe) and I Will Purchase some SILVER......

This is not Financial Advice since I am No Longer an Active LICENSED Financial Representative Like I was in my Prior Corporate Career.......

You can buy whatever You Like With Your FIAT, I have already decided what I am Going to do With Mine.........

The SPOT Price of Silver on 3/18/2020 when I Post This is $12.49......

The Price of SILVER is On The Move.........How Much Lower Will She Go ???

Keep Adding Ounces to Your Stack and Building Your Wealth.......

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I don't think I could get any Silver if I wanted to at the moment @stokjockey...total lockdown....

I am going to see what is up tomorrow at some of my spots. I am not expecting much though...........

@stokjockey let me know what you find......

There is more to economics than meets the eye. I am grateful and lucky that I am American.

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I know you are Ms. Saver. Hang in There we are Just Going Through "The STORM". Once it Passes you know How Pretty things are When the Sun Shines Again............

In Canada, I can see our Prime Minister of Drama Justin Trudeau (And I think his beard is fake) will print money and helicopter it into his own backyard since he thinks be can spend it better than the rest of us, like private plane trips to the Caribbean with top of the line catering services.

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Do You think he has been to Epstein Island ?? Oh, and by the way Jeffrey Epstein did not Kill Himself !

Pirate beard @kerrislravenhill Arrah!!!!

Charles as soon as you get that Check Turn it into REAL MONEY ASAP !!! @stackin

It is really amazing how your government is generating more inflation...

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In Order to Kill the Federal Reserve the SPIGOTS Have to be Fully Open. It is time for a New Financial System.....@ronaldoavelino

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