I Love Steemit maybe for All the Wrong Reasons. I Encourage Your Comments on This Post, Please Tell Me How You Feel About these Vintage Silver Art Bars.........

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In My Journey's Today I came across many Different Silver Bars and Rounds that I could Buy. There were More Choices than I had FIAT TICKETS in my Pocket that I could use to Buy the Silver with. Anybody Else ever have that Problem ??

If You Answered Yes to that Question then you are just like Me, more than you even know.

So I actually sorted through a Tray of Various Pieces at one of the LCS's ( Local Coin Shop ) I was at and I can Tell you I just Love to go There because I know the Owner Fairly Well and even though he Charges me more for the Silver I buy there from him I always get Top Notch Customer Treatment.................

Do You have that Favorite Place that you Just Love to go Into ??

So since we all have a little Pirate in all of us, today was a Treasure Hunting Day...........

Here are a Couple of Pieces that I Bought and I would like for you to Share Your Feelings with me on Them.......

First One Is a Silver Bar with Flowers on it, but Stokjockey we thought you were a MAN ?? Why are you buying Silver Bars with Flowers on them ??, and Painted in Foo Foo Colors no Less...........


Reverse of the Yellow Flower Bar.....Chrysanthemum

Well there was this Little Mint back in the Early to Mid 70's that Made Silver Bars Like This that were HAND Enameled......


Now even though I had to pay a few dollars more for these they are Well Worth it in my Book. Leave Comments Below Good or Bad about whether or Not you would Buy Silver Bars with Enameled Flowers on them...........

Yes I did Pay a Few Bucks More For These and the Reason why is SCARCITY. Almost 45 Years Later do you think these might be more Rare than say a 2013 American Silver Eagle ??

Now you know why the SOFT Side of Stokjockey may have come through on this Purchase Today......

Here is the Other Silver Bar that I bought that was also Enameled in Color.......

Reverse of the Blue Green Flower Bar.........Sweet Pea

Now what I am trying to say is with Silver at these Levels try to Learn from what I bring to the Table. These Silver Bars are Fairly Scarce and for a few Bucks more Grab Them. They will always Pay Off down the line because the are much more Rare than most people know.........

Mintage of these Pieces is 12,500

These Silver Bars CEECO MINT if you see Them and you don't currently have to Pay more that 3-4 bucks more than SPOT snap them UP they are Tough to come by.............

Last Question do You think some may have been Melted in the last 45 Years ??

Comments Encouraged...........

Thank You for Taking your Valuable Time to Read My Posts, I Appreciate It................

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Those are really great. If you paid 4 over spot it looks like you did very well.

Nice foo foo and sweat pee bars! lol


@tbnfl4sun real Men collect Flowers...........LOL

I like them. I would maybe pay 5% over spot for them.


Thank You @mysearchisover I agree and they are worth paying a little premium for them........

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Hey @stokjockey. It comes down to what you are collecting silver for. If you think life will continue as today, coins and precious metals prices depend on how shiny a piece is (i.e.:Proof Strike), or you believe in a SHTF scenario, then mintage, condition, and any other value other than it's an ounce of silver and it needs to be exchanged for something that might save your life or the life of your family, then $4 over spot is a waste of money.


Thank You all good points and I appreciate the comments.............

They are an interesting acquisition @stokjockey. I do not think I have ever come across anything like that before, and by some of the numbers you gave, it sounds like there must be a good market for them. Great buys!


I Like them because they are different and Vintage..............

They’re are really nice. I wonder if you could get one for other birthdays ?


If you do come across any of these CEECO Silver Bars they did make October, November and December of 1973 Happy Birthday Bars, then They Made the entire Calendar Year Jan.-Dec. in 1974....... That was it.


Thanks I was hoping for a Jan 68 one.

April 74 produced some great things, including me


Happy Birthday Sweet Pea @viraldrome

I bought most silver at 20 USD in 2014/2015 and are waiting patiently…..till I am old. But I do not add much anymore.


Hang in there.

I am mostly a coin collector, but if I see a round or bar that I like and the price os Ok, I usually buy it, coloured or not.


Absolutely Buy what you Like @ronaldoavelino especially if it is SILVER !

Got any with White Funeral Lilies on them?


No only Happy Birthday flower bars