I Know many People Have Wondered What Stokjockey Looks Like ? OK its Time to show you Who Stokjockey is...........

in steemsilvergold •  8 months ago 

I Just Wanted to Waste some More of my Resource Credits so That Everyone Can See the REAL Stokjockey.....................

I Love Cryptocurrency as you will see in my Video where I Reveal to all of Steemit what I Really Look Like.........

When LAMBO ??

My Steemit Shit Post for The Day, I hope you Enjoyed It because I'm Still Laughing ................

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And I thought all this time you were a curly brunette hair, chisled features, and six pack abs.


You're Welcome

So cool that yer wearing a Monero shirt 😎👍👍


I knew that you would catch the T-Shirt...............

I'll also waste some more resource credits: Giggles!

Sorry, can't vote yet; I claimed rewards and got rewarded with a 59% drop in VP.

So which one were you? The LAMBO man, or the PRIUS Dude?


I would not be Caught DEAD in a Prius

Your the man @stokjockey 🤙

The other day I was just hanging out when I noticed TWO Ferraris coming down my street. It was one of the most beautiful sights I've ever witnessed. Now if I had been driving one of them with my lovely wife in the passenger seat it would have been even more beautiful, but that will have to wait for another day.