I am Bullish on Silver but You Would Never Know That Based on This "BEAR"ish 🐻 Piece of Ag.......

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This Vintage 5 Oz. Silver Piece was Minted by Medallic Art Company of New York for the California Bicentennial 1769-1969. This is a Great Piece of Silver and also a Real Work of Art. You know what I really Love 💘 about Silver ?? The Community we have Right here on Steemit @ssg-community ......Learn about Precious Metals Stacking and make New Friends. I'm Bullish on That...........


The Edge of the Piece Serial #3635

The Name of The Mint: Medallic Art Co. N.Y

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That is a very powerful bear! I like it!


Thank you SIR

That’s a great coin

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I’m happy I have a little silver now that all my Cryptos are almost worthless

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Crypto's can go to ZERO but Silver in your Hands will always have a Value Above ZERO............................@offgridlife


So true... I remember wanting to sell all my Cryptos to buy gold last year... should have done that

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It is OK to have a diversified mix. I do know that feeling though of wanting to take some Off the Table when the Cryptos Ran Up in Price...............

That’s a great looking round Stok.👍


It is Pretty Cool and I Like Vintage Silver................

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

Silver, a bear and CALIFORNIA! Win x 3! 😍


@dfinney I take it you Like this ?


Yes. I like bars and coins and rounds with a bit of personality. Especially if the art on the piece is really connected to a place. I am far more excited by say a landmark of Great Britain coin that I am about a Brittania. The bear on this bar is good looking. California is my favorite place. Bears and California together are geopolitically (bear flag republic) and environmentally (California grizzly) connected. It’s a cool bar that captures some significance of it’s place. ☺️