George Washingtons Birthday is Actually February 22, 1732, It's Still a Holiday Today.........

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Something Happened in the Last Fifty Years, when I was a Kid in the 1960's We Had Two Holidays One for President Washington and The Other Day for President Lincoln. Two Separate Days and Two Holidays..........
The SPOT Price of Silver on 2/17/2020 when I Post This is $17.87......

The Reason I am Doing this Short Post is to Tip My Hat to One of The Founding Fathers, George Washington......

As the First Federal Holiday to honor an American President, the holiday was celebrated on Washington's birthday under the Gregorian Calendar, February 22. On January 1, 1971, the Federal Holiday was shifted to the Third Monday in February by the Uniform Monday Holiday Act...........

I am Not a Fan of Government and I will Never be a Fan of Government. True Freedom is Not Slavery, We Currently Live in a System that I don't Think any of Us would have ever voted for if we Actually had a Choice.........

More Work Less Time Off, Thank You Government of 1971 for Making Lincoln and Washington's Birthdays Just One Holiday Day Off...........

Did You Know that We Had Two Distinct Holiday Days Off for Lincoln and Washington before 1971 ?? Of Course You Didn't because if You are Reading This you Were Probably Not even Born yet, or If you did know it just means you are OLD like Me, LOL..........

Enjoy Your Holiday and Keep on Stacking Silver, One Day Your Wealth will be Counted in Ounces !!!

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Awesome! I've read somewhere, as I can't remember where, that George Washington didn't want to be President in the first place, he wanted to go home.

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Yes I believe you are Correct Young Lady. Washington had a Good Thing Going Just Growing HEMP and Running his businesses. The fibers from hemp held excellent properties for making rope and sail canvas........ @kerrislravenhill

A perfect show for today, @stokjockey! I love the ATBs but content myself in admiring other people’s collection. And it is wonderful that we have federal holidays like today to honor the Fathers of America.
Thanks again for sharing, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

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Thank You Ms. Saver.......I knew if I kept it Simple that You would Enjoy this One. Yes We Know George was a BIG Deal and Ordained by God to bring the People The United States of America........ @silversaver888

I have lots of those but keep it on the down low 😂😂😂

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5 Ounces Per Coin Brother !!! @stackin

That’s why they just call it Presidents Day. His and Lincoln are so close they kinda combined them. Nice ATB👍

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All that work wish they could have Two Days Again.......

I remember when we had two and they were actually on their birthdays. I must admit I didn’t mind when they moved them to Monday because it gave us a three day weekend, but it would have been nice if they gave us two! 🥂

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Yes Two Days OFF instead of One. See What they did to us................

I remember having two Holidays @stokjockey way back in 1970 when I was born.....😇🤔

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