Anniversary 2021 Morgan dollar may have to be made of GOLD, So Lets See What a 1921 Looks Like......

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Next Year is the 100th Anniversary of the 1921 Morgan and Peace Dollars..........

The Question is Will We get a Silver Anniversary Edition of Each Design OR Will We Get a GOLD Dollar Version ??
Uncirculated 1921 Morgan Dollar, Ms. Liberty Looks Good at 99 Years Old !

By The Way Here is The Link to The Article if You are a Fan of US Silver Dollars and You would Like to Know more About what is Being Proposed for Next Year......

I would Love to See a "CC" Mintmark (Carson City) On the Back of an Anniversary Set of a Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars.........

Before I Forget Let Me Show You the Other Side of The 1921 Morgan Dollar........
I Think it Will be Fantastic to See How the Mint will Honor the 1921 Morgan and Peace Dollars with Anniversary Coins, Believe or Not I Would Love to See The Anniversary Editions even In Gold If They Decide the Legislation may Not be Passed to do the Coins in Silver..........

Whatever Happens it Will Be Fun for Collectors of Both Series of Dollar Coins..........

Keep Adding Ounces to Your Stack and Building Your Wealth.......

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I read someplace, I don't remember where, that they will mint a silver Morgan and a silver Peace dollar, exactly like the originals, but the date.

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I am OK with them in Silver or Gold. I am Sure they will look Awesome with a CC Mintmark

It will be a little strange to see a Peace dollar with a CC mintmark...

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But still pretty neat even if it seems a little strange now.....

I think that US silver Dollars are one of the best coins to collect and stack, especially if one resides in the US and have access to them. I have the set of Centennial Gold coins, Mercury Dime, Standing Liberty and Walking Liberty. At the time the US Mint produced those, I was thinking to myself... why not the lovely US Dollars... but that would be truly out of the price range of the greater majority of buyers, and that would also be a large gold coin that will be available to the general public... 38 mm!
Thanks for sharing the link, @stokjockey! Have a beautiful Sunday, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

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It will be Fun to see what they come Up with Ms. Saver since we don't know yet if they will be Silver or Gold....... @silversaver888

Maybe change temporarily #piratesunday to #morgansunday 🤔
I don't remember where I stashed my Morgans.
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I really enjoyed #piratesunday so much I just need to change up a little bit from that routine........Morgan Dollars as You know are the Most Collectible US Coin in the World........It is by far the most widely collected and traded numismatic coin in the world.

Now you are starting to make me drool....100 year anniversary set in 2021 !!🤗
I have a real soft spot for Silver Dollars @stokjockey, and at 99 years old she looks so nice!!😀🤗

She Has Really Kept Her Luster over the Past Century @silvertop


(🤙 in honor of Ms. SaverZ) 🤣

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