A 2000 Silver American Eagle .999 Fine in Full Patriotic Colors and She can be Yours.......(SOLD) Thank YOU !!!

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This Beautiful Silver American Eagle in Full American Flag Draped Colors can be Yours if You would Like to Have Her.....I am offering Her for 20 Steem or 20 SBD your Choice to anyone who Would Like to Buy Her if You are a USA 🇺🇸 Address Steemian Shipping is included. If You choose to Purchase Her I will also include a 90% Silver US Dime in your Package 📦. This Offer is only available for US Residents with US Address. Comment Below if You would like to Buy Her and Get A Free Bonus US Silver Dime. Total cost 20 Steem or SBD IF you are a US Resident. The Best Part of this Deal is that Stokjockey may Throw in a Pretty Nice Silver Dime.........

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Also Support all of the Silver & Gold Stackers as well as #steemsilvergold !!!

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Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

I don't live in US. :=(


UNDY has one...

and I will ship to Canada for the right price ;)
I will take Steem or SBD as well! Easy Pay.

DM me Rondo

I'll buy this beautiful patriotic American Silver Eagle from you.
I love the American Silver Eagle coins.


@goldkey Just Send the 20 STEEM or SBD to @stokjockey and email me your shipping address to my email.

Then this Beauty will be in the Mail to you along with the Bonus Silver Dime. Thank you


I just woke up to a great deal.... still available 8 hours later, everybody must still be sleeping... advantage to living in Eastern Time Zone I guess.
STEEM sent and email sent..... Thanks

This is so beautiful! I love the colours

Its a very interesting looking coin @stokjockey. The color really makes the design pop out at you and you get an extra prize. Nice to jump on it @goldkey!