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RE: Unfortunately..... This is the end of it!!

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Hey buddy, I had to stop in as a human to make a comment here as I too feel the effects of this:

The issue here is theres no people delegating... but everyone just wants that one delegation more even if its not profitable they can figure that out when the time comes.

What is needed is people to take the time to try to fill any delegations they can afford. It's a market ... so if 10 people put up delegations each day... but only 3 people delegate the sp... then we are going to gain alot more then we remove from the book. You get people like steemdoubler or whatever his name is who puts massive thousand steem orders up all over the place so people need to either clear these... or try to clear everything else that is on the order list...

there are ever only like 40 orders on the book, theres no reason why we should all be screwing ourselves to use it...

Plus think of it as a reward to yourself... you delegate a crap ton now... and bite the bullet... ... but the beauty is now you are able to use your daily payouts... to rent much more steem at a much lower price... Snowballing your original sp and putting it to work for a little while...

I would honestly say since you have so much sp you could honestly probly loan out enough to bring the price to 20% and then just rent everything back / and get so much daily payouts as profit



maybe the two of us could colaborate to hold a contest of some sort to get the people to fill some delegations? idk if it makes sense logistically for you ... i could contribute some how Im not sure my community is as centraly connected as yours is, I do always try to reach out to them, but I dont think i have enough pull to launch an effective movement but Id be more then willing to spitball ideas or help in anyway possible. let me know if youd like my discord or something

What youre saying makes perfect sense; Flood the market with excess SP to fill in all the top lease requests. The community account currently has 17kSP, so could in theory cover the first gew pages. This should in essence bring leases back to a decent level of around 20/22%?? I get its all about supply and demand, and as a collective we could swing the markets in our favour.

Ill have a chat with the community and see what they think. I personally think its a great idea (if someone else did it lol), but i wouldnt want to see the #steemsilvergold community suffer any losses or be put at a loss if it all went "tits up".

Give me a day or 3 to get back to your with some early feedback.

Catch you soon buddy

hey ive been thinking a little bit more -> I think one of the major selling points here is about being fiscally responsible... A- lot of these guys are just comment spam whores and to each his own i wish it wasnt that way but who am i to judge...

But heres what I mean... when it says something like 35% thats figuring they cancel their delegation and not renew. If they renew your jumping to 40%

Now these accounts they are spending everything on delegations... it might not seem like it to them.. but if they are paying 40% for their sp. and doing it again and again. eventually that compoinding intrest will just not be worth it.

So if you have 20k sp delegated out at 40%

and then you manage to drop it even to 25%

20k x .35 = 7,000 - 8000 steem yearly payments... do you see what im getting at here...

Now seeing as you charge membership fee... not only is there an extra 7-8k extra liquid steem for you to mess around with... but you can use this to buy back daily delegations.

What Im doing with steem egg is im no longer rending sp if the price is gonna be that high... sometimes maybe but it's just not worth it...

would you rather make 5 dollars for free or pay 11 dollars to make an extra 8.

Work with some of the SP you have... Use it as sort of a rebuilding phase... Rent out the sp / work on your platforms core system / features / when the time comes that you are back 100% your gonna be 40% stronger then u went into . and thats not even factoring in any changes you have made / improvements etc.

PS im not targeting your project just getting my thoughts out there for the x ammount of ppl that will read this over the years randomly =)

Maybe talk to your members. and try to get them to realize some of the larger picture downsides of trying to get that extra 3 % return delegating to the best place, but then missing out on the other benefits of delegating to services you use.

Yes but one think i want to say to play devils advocate here

There is some risk in this idea on the short end depending on the intentions behind the people who put 50 bids up on market.

one scenario is imagine thats the second account of the owner of dlease... im not saying that this is happening at all but u just dont know sometimes... Now u come in lease him everything ... and while it was profitable for you to do so and you make money longterm... if your goal was to lower the price... he could potentially be just doing it to keep prices up =)

So it might need to be a think that we try to raise the awareness for the site ... and as a whole we try to get people more active in delegating there.

also im in the same boat as you -> while I delegate just about all of my personal funds to try to reduce some of the pressure, I cant really afford to give up the SP on this account because we both are accounts that offer a service. and people rely on these services having the SP -> so closing shop down to drop the lease rate is something that needs to be a collective movement not just one person , unless that one person was of course a massive whale lol.

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