Precious VPS swap over complete - Auto comment's are currently not active

Hello Steemsilvergold. The swap over has been done and we now running Precious off the new VPS. Precious is Precious but it's a brand new bot build to be exactly the same as Precious so it's not Precious but the same as the Precious we all know and love.... just not.............. it's new
We have decided just keep the old server for 1 month, this is simply a backup. Should something go wrong with the new bot we can easily swap back to the old one and keep the upvotes flowing for members. This will cost the Precious account and extra $5 but money well spent if we run into big problems.

Auto comments not active

You will also notice you do not receive an auto comment when you get your Precious upvote. We are aware of this and comments will be added within the few weeks. The backend code for Precious 2.0 is the same as Precious 1.0 but it's been updated and i have no idea where to add in the lines of code to enable comments. I dont like playing with the backend code as it's a 775 line matrix looking code where if 1 extra full stop is added, the whole thing does not work. If the backend is edited wrongly, building a new bot is easier then finding your mistake so im very nervous is part of the bot. I'll get there and we will have auto comments again but i need to be 110% sure im right with what im doing.

That's the update for now,

I am @silverstackeruk.
Credits - @raybrockman, @buggedout, @thedamus, @welshstacker and @silverstackeruk


We need you always upvoting, Precious!

Thank you little mermaid. Keep voting.

can I propose @odracir80 as a member ; great coins he shows

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