All set for December. The ssg-community ploughs on


Ho ho ho!! Merry Christmas to my favourite bunch of silver stacking crackpots....

Can you believe were back in December already? What a year its been and i dont just mean all that crazy shit with C19. Weve had highs in bitcoin, lows in hive and back to highs in hive. Are beloved steem however just seems to be doing its own thing. Thats not to say it hasnt been a great time for those of us wanting to accumulate and contribute more.

The SBD:STEEM ratio still favours posting like a mad-man (high quality content obviously), andnit still makes then @ssg-community account profitable for its amazing members. This is reflected still in the lease markets:


By using the power of my magical abacus- carry the 1, subtract 4, move over the big red one, divide by 3 to thenpower ofnl pi.... gives us


884.52 steem for 12 months


73.6 steem per month


Lets finish this year off with a bang..... The accounts steempower continues to grow, andnid love to see us breaknthrough the 19000 SP barrier beforenthe end of 2021.

You guys know what to do...


Yes... I see us "easily" Breaking through the 19,000 Barrier...
November 30, 2021... 5.6 Hollywood Time...

Very nice Santa Stack on, and Steem on!!😀

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