A little update and a vision for the future!


Hello! Dont panic nothing to worry about.... Just a quick update and a post to let you amazing community members know whats going on with the accounts day-to-day ins and outs.


Everything seems to be running smooth with the accounts workings. We have had some issues with the Xpilar autovoter, where it continues to missbsome individuals on a regular basis. Not to fear though, i try to log in to the account on a regular basis throughout the day, to keep on top of missed votes.


Our wallet is looking pretty healthy, even if I do say so myself! Over the past year, weve managed to accumulate just over 18000 steempower, which im hoping will continue to grow through curation.

Whilst our original community guidelines stated "there would only be 5000SP held on account, and the rest used to lease leases", i still feel that the best corsenof action was to start to build up our own and make the @ssg-community account self sustaining and unaffected by market lease rates fluctuations.

Once again, ill put itnto the community: SHOULD WE CONTINUE TO HOARD THE SP OR POWERDOWN TO RENT LEASES?

I was chatting to a community member last night, as we were talking about the #SECRETSANTAS, when the topic of th3 ssg-community account came up. I let slip my plans to them, so while I was planning on keeping this as a surprise, for transparency and honesty, im letting you folks know of what my long term plan was NOW.

Would there be any objections to getting to a point where the @ssg-community account had say 100k SP and then making the upvote service free for the community?? By that I mean - no longer having to contribute a monthly donation OR delegate your own steempower! Its just a pipe-dream at the moment, but with the communities support, honstly, it wont be long till having to contribute these past few years will have paid off. We can always discuss this in full further down the line, but that has always been my vision for our little, old, community owned account.


So thats where we are, thats hoping where we will be, and thats me out!

Ive been @welshstacker, stay classy....


That would be awesome, @welshstacker, as always glad you are at the helm!😀

I say, let the Steem Power add up... The bigger the up-votes, the more we get back in Curations... Plus the interest continues to add up every few minutes, with our Steem Power... My Steem Power is receiving .001 Steem Power in interest, more than 400 times per day...
November 10, 2021... 5.8 Hollywood Time...

It appears you missed my Sovereign Silver and Gold post from yesterday... And what about Decembers Dues...???
November 28, 2021... 19.2 Hollywood Time...

All sorted for you chief. FYI - hoping to get a post out tonight, ready for December.

It's my own fault... I'm Constantly Editing my Posts... I'll try to avoid doing that at the wrong time... Thanks...
November 29, 2021... 14.4 Hollywood Time...

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