Taking Advantage of the Low Silver PricessteemCreated with Sketch.

If the FATCAT$ want to smash the price of silver, then I will get in there and buy, Buy, BUY!!!

Here are my latest pickups for less than $1.50 over spot.



Each bar is 10 ounces, but the picture says it all!

Now that's a deal you can't beat, even with a "scourge of small cords"!!!



Nice Silver Shield bars my friend. Big fan of his rounds.👍

I didn't know that Silver Shield produced bars. I like them and the fact that they are 10oz beautiful bars.

Now is the hour of increasing our stacks. Maybe we will never see silver at this price again...

Those are awesome bars! Nice buy!

Looks good! I need more myself i think!
When you say $1.50 over spot is that per ounce or bar?

Good looking bars.