I've lost all the community CDM are had them taken. Im still trying to figure it out.

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Ok it's gonna be a long post as im sure members that are involved would like to no what's going on. There are alot a screenshot's and then i'll have my say at the end after you read through my chat with support on discord. Im not sure right now how im gonna word this post yet and by that i mean write it and be civil are write it and be me, i have enough ammo to fire at them with no comebacks.

Let's jump into the chat on discord

Before we look, i'll give you some pre-finding out all our CDM was gone info. Staking labs delist coins from time to time, the main reason is when a coin becomes too expensive to maintain (Masternode payouts less than server cost i guess), the coins are delisted. That's fair enough, they are a business and not in it to lose everything. The very first i heard about a delisting was when @willsparks88 mentioned it to me during a DM sesh about 6 weeks back maybe. I went and pulled all the CDM coins from all the masternodes from both my personal account and the community account. The coins were in the wallet and i thought they were safe. I seen last week sometime that CDM was up 40-50% and that reminded me i had to update the excel sheet cause we now had a complete total number of CDM that would not change again as it's no longer earning masternode payouts. I logged into my stakinglabs account and noticed my wallet was gone, wtf? I logged into the community account and the same. So i got onto discord................

So this was my very first response from the support. Sorta piss poor to be honest, how could this guy write those 2 answers and not expect me to ask more questions?
So next guy jumps in and asks me what sort of answer did i expect? Like you get told, your coins are gone and im expected to be just like, ok, thanks for letting me know that and that's it? Come on, this support cant be called support, they dont like answering questions.
I begin to ask where our coins are.
Now im told they are on my receive/masternode address. First of, stakinglabs host the masternode and the coins are not on my receiving address but then 3 replies later the wallets have been deleted. Come, make up your mind.
Im just asking simple direct questions to try and understand wft is going on. So now the wallets and private keys are all deleted to all their customers CDM wallets. Is that normal?
I was so shocked i asked directly and he answered back correct cause we missed the deadline. They never said anywhere that your wallet and private keys are deleted, they said the coins would be delisted which i thought meant they were delisting the masternodes.
This random guy Dev7 starts to go off on one thinking i'll give a shit about what he thinks.
Support is back, yeah!!!
They come at me with the announcement from 6 weeks back, around the same time i pulled on our CDM from all masternodes. BTW, i never saw that, why would i be on the stakinglabs discord server if im not needing support?
I did get the notification during a one log in but again, there was no mention of deleting wallets and private keys. I never got the email but i would have made no difference. I would never have opened it anyways, it's basically junk mail. Not just staking, but pretty much all newsletters are junk mail.
So now im trying to find where the coins where and now im being told they can be be retrieved for a cool million CDM. He finally tells me that the coins are on a shared wallet, about fucking time, i was asking for 4 hours.
Ok, so this guy stackinglab.io show up and starts making sense. I think the other guy was just trying to bluff his way through pretending to know what he was talking about. Im told that it will cost around $100, i decline and get some info from stakinglab.io
By now, im feeling very bored with this whole thing and sort of just except it for what it is. I tell them i'll be back to claim them for $100 if CDM moons.
Stakinglab.io is smart enough to know this guy VoHo is a donkey and is just making it worse so he move the convo to DM's. I kindly say thanks for the help and thanks for losing all our money. You can see i even got a your welcome.

Here's the DM chat with stakinglab.io

This guys seemed ok and he offered some other shitcoin as compensation to which i declined but at least he tried. He seemed to more concerned about it being a steemit community masternode and what sort of post i was gonna write to let you guys know about it.

Final Thought,

Sorry folks, i should have looked further into it at the time. Im not gonna make any excuses and hold my hands up, i fucked up. I never checked the price of CDM until i was finished talking to these guys, it's worth fuck all as i assumed. They were not delisting it for nothing. As a ballpark number i think we have lost around $40 so not that much and it's very unlikely they will ever be worth anything but if they are, we can get them all back for $100, we have it screenshot :D
So below is a list of names of members that had bought into the masternode, their was me and 9 others. Im tagging to make sure people involved know about it.

@welshstacker, @silverd510, @ronaldoavelino, @fat-elvis, @thedamus, @kiozizz, @jznsamuel, @knowledge-seeker and @gdwcoins

I cant think of anything else to say, im sure a few of you will have some questions. Fire away and i'll do my best to answer them.


Ohhhh and the members wallets could have been removed from the site and stored offline on a USB instead of deleting them.

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Nothing we can do. Fuck it


After chatting with them, that was my thought. Onwards on upwards anyways :)

Thank you for the info. I am sorry that you had to deal with this kind of company...


No worries, we lost out. The next year will be a good time to buy and stack some proper coins ready for the next bull run.

sounds like they are running a scam of some sort. At best they are terrible and unprofessional.


It's just weird that the coins disappear onto some weird matrix mixed addresses. They were terrible, i dont think they are ripping people off, i think they are just really bad at support.


i suppose you should never attribute to malice that which can be explained by incompetence.

Bitcoin is dead — long live bitcoin!

...t’was ever thus buddy. Good perseverance with those A-holes, and a $40 lesson is something we can afford 😎👍

We told you we were going to destroy the coins and not to trust us, its your fault...

This is how we end up with Govt regulations.... idiots

what a terrible experience, gives me a headache just reading it all! we'll just get stronger from this, thnx for the update :)