Round #2 - Current Standings- "Find the Ingot"

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Here are the current standings for Round #3 "Find the Ingot". Standings are up to and include Game #12.

@vgholdingsllc- 4pts
@summertooth- 6pts
@methus- 6pts
@themanwithnoname- 6pts
@welshstacker- 3pts
@knowledge-seeker- 2pt
@stokjockey- 2pts
@dwingsworld- 1pt
@hashcash- 5pts
@silverd510- 4pts
@senstless- 8pts
@ronaldoavelino- 5pts
@teutonium- 10pts
@darkmrmystic- 2pts
@grizzman- 1pt
@photoquest- 1pt

If for whatever reason you believe this isn't correct. Please contact me directly and I will confirm.

I will be introducing the 1ST PLACE PRIZE SOON. I have a couple of ideas but ALWAYS looking to hear from the community.


I may implement a tie breaker if we get close at the end. If there are any concerns or suggestions regarding the game feel free to bring it up ANYTIME!

Goodluck to everyone !

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I thought I wasn't ahead anymore... Good to know i'm still in 1st place. I've been unlucky, normally you post and i'm sleeping


You had a strong start this round. Keep it up @teutonium

Well, vintage ingot is my first thought, however, steem is kinda hard to come by these days as well.
Hmmm, do you have any vintage steem to give away?


Lol good question! I hear ya vintage is the way to go ..

You need to have more games like #9 where no one got any points, you had to give so many clues before I could find it!.

Thought I might had caught @teutonium but not quite, but at least I closed the GAP a bit.


You want me to go hardcore again? Because i can sleep with the laptop by my side with the stereo on full blast waiting for ginabot to tell me when silveringots posts :P


Appreciate your feedback. I believe we should be at that difficulty level during this final push ! Going to be some interesting game changes for round #4.

Looks like it is going to be a close finish this time. I am looking forward to seeing who will come out on top!


Yes always fun at the end ! Some beneficial changes coming in round #4. I look forward to presenting that.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

@silveringots This is a great game and I need to keep up better. Thanks for the chance buddy!