🔥Engelhard Gold 🔥 Jewelry?

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I want to do a quick post on a pair of Engelhard Gold pendants. There are a couple unique aspects to these pieces that you do not normally see on Engel gold. .

The simple fact that majority Engelhard fractional gold bar's are not manufactured as a pendant. There are several Engelhard silver pendant varities . Typically seen in an assay card. With or with out a staple on each side. The major difference here is that these are 14k. A very odd purity! This purity makes me believe that they were intended to be worn as jewelry. The letter prefix designation also stands out to me. The 5g pendant has a large space between the C prefix and serial number.
☝️I am curious to hear if anyone has any information on this variety ? Also, is this something you would wear??

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I wore one of those for years till it was stolen at a concert.


Maybe it was Ingots that helped himself??? He does love an Engelhard 🤣