Baby Update!!

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I intend to share photos of my new born daughter over the next couple months. Of course, I am a proud Dad. I will not to post excessively! I believe a photo here and there is fun though. Infant babies are the purest form of life. They can offer a level of therapy that can't be found elsewhere.
☝️Just about two weeks old here! Roughly 7.5lbs. She is a peanut!

The moments you will never forget and may never see again...

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Beautiful baby daughter. Congratulations.


Thanks !!

This has got to be a Full UP VOTE from Everyone !!


Your the man!!

Absolutely beautiful buddy. I can guarantee she takes after her mother, because there is no way you're that cute?!!? 😜


Your statement is 100% accurate

Just gorgeous ingots! And you’re right about newborns being so pure. Very happy for you


Appreciate that!

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