Perth Mint 1 oz Pink Panther Gold bar with a Argyle Pink Diamonds.

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Check out this cool Perth Mint Pink Panther 2018 1oz Pink Gold Diamond Ingot.

Picture sourced from the Perth Mint.

It is 1 ounces of 91.67 % or 22k gold with 8.33% copper.

Picture sourced from the Perth Mint.

The bar is encrusted with extremely rare Lake Argyle Pink Diamonds with a total weight of 0.08 carats. A good quality Pink diamonds can sell for over one $millions per carat.

Picture sourced from the Perth Mint.

Picture sourced from the Perth Mint.

It has a total mintage of just 300 bars with a hefty price tag of AUS$7,429.

Picture sourced from the Perth Mint.

Picture sourced from the Perth Mint.

If you would like more info you can follow this link.

I hope you enjoyed my post and thanks for the visit, cheers.



Lol that's a good one mate, thanks cheers.

This is a great gold bar for the ladies @silverbug.

Well you know what they say about diamonds don't you lyrica, thanks mate cheers.

Yeah especially the pink ones not to many people have those stunning rocks.

It is too much money and too much premium. I am out!

I won't disagree with you on that, but it still look pretty good though, cheers mate.

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Quite unusual item!

It's very different isn't it, cheers mate.

Wow a pricy tag for this bar, but I have never seen a Pink Gold bar classy!!!👍🤗
Then they add the diamond nice!!!🤗

Thanks mate, I think the diamond is worth more that the gold bar. I'm glad you like it cheers.

Nice bar! Like the look. Thanks for sharing!

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Looks great doesn't it, I like the colour it's very different, cheers.

I have to say that the 'rose gold' of this bar is quite attractive as I really like the color............but..........just a bit pricey, LOL! Someday.......😔

Looks amazing doesn't it, I think most of the price is for the diamonds they are very rare. Thanks for stopping by cheers.

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