Check out this Cool Christmas 2019 1oz Star Shaped Silver Coin.

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Check out this amazing star shaped Christmas 2019 1oz Silver Coin from the Perth Mint.

Picture sourced from the Perth Mint.

Picture sourced from the Perth Mint.

It has a Limited mintage of just 3,000 coins and retails for AUD$115.00.

Picture sourced from the Perth Mint.

The coin comes with a plastic capsule so you can hang your coin on the Christmas tree.

Picture sourced from the Perth Mint.

If you would like to find out more about this coin you can follow this link.

I hope you enjoyed my post and thanks for the visit, cheers.


Nice, are you starting your Christmas shopping a little bit early, ;-)!

No mate, to expensive for me I think I would prefer a few rounds instead for Christmas, cheers.

Same here, I don’t need no stinkin premium
Just give me plain old rounds

Quantity over quality is what I say, cheers mate.

It would certainly look great hanging from your Christmas tree. Cheers mike

It's certainly a different Christmas decoration isn't it cheers mate.

Christmas has come early for silver stackers. :-)

Are you going to but me one for Christmas agaupt?

I don't think I even have that much money to spend mate. :-)

How cute is that coin I love it @silverbug.😍

It is very cute, but the price isn't very cute though, Lol cheers lyrica.

It's not Halloween yet that you're already starting with Christmas, worse than Wallmart :-)

Yeah never miss an opportunity to sell some shit, Lol cheers mate.

Yeah never miss an
Opportunity to sell
Some shit, Lol cheers mate.

                 - silverbug

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Sweet! Well besides that old hat queen Liz
But the rest are sweet 👍

We just can't get away from that old hag can we, Lol cheers mate.

Star shaped!!!! Perth mint is out of control! 😂🤣

You have to give them credit for innovating, Lol cheers.

That is pretty cool! I love all the coin art from Perth Mint, wish I had more money XD

Yeah they do some amazing work that's for sure, thanks for stopping by for a look cheers.

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